When blue laser pointer is visible, people are very excited and screamed

Blue laser pointer arm is 12 meters long, is more accurate than the previous ring laser, with 1/1000000000 of the earth’s rotation sensing precision. Its design is not just a square ring, but the 4 triangular ring. 3 of them were used to constraint in any direction of rotation, can increase the throughput of fourth rings rate. Construction work began in March 2016, and completed in 6 months.

blue laser pointer2

When blue laser pointer is visible, people are very excited and screamed. “The team is on the laser interference to measure the effect. They will report a meeting recently held in the European Geophysical Science Association for the first time on the measurement results.

blue laser pointer3

Blue laser pointer is not the same as fixed people imagine, but every day for a change or MS cm level. Both the sun and the moon in the gravitational pull of earth, and continental drift, changes in ocean currents and ice age glaciers degradation change around quality caused by crustal rebound, inertial motion will change the earth, so as to change it is rotated.

blue laser pointer1

Blue laser pointer using radio dish on the earth at a distance are observed in the distant universe, quasars from time to time flashing bright “Lighthouse”. When the parabolic antenna is widely distributed through the calculation will be recorded to a brightness change, geodesist can calculate the rotation rate of the earth’s axis and coordinate.