Therefore, the main direction of the blue laser pointer has high average power, high peak power two routes

Blue laser pointer chemical energy, mature technology, the United States will be equipped with oxygen iodine laser target played on Boeing airplane, maintenance disadvantage is expensive, usually toxic chemical dyes, so the most fire is mainly solid laser weapons, such as slab type, disc type solid laser is to support structure of large power stability output.

blue laser pointer1

Comprehensive high average power, high peak power, high beam quality blue laser pointer is promising, the most worth doing is disc end pumped solid-state laser. The disc, fiber, lath structure is to heat, heat production is always the biggest problem of high power laser pointer2

A parameter blue laser pointer must be considered is the photoelectric conversion efficiency. If the conversion efficiency is too low, the power consumption is too large, vehicle, airborne is not good, this is why the current to achieve the laser weapons targeting most land-based, shipboard, large aircraft equipped with energy, otherwise is a problem.

blue laser pointer3

In addition, in order to output high beam quality, directly using the blue laser pointer output seems not much, but with the laser power, light – light – > > series, more conversion efficiency is lower, and in order to pumped, Ura Hikaruhikaruko energy is greater than the laser output of the photon energy, therefore may be used in nonlinear crystal the wavelength of the frequency doubling efficiency, as can be imagined.