The mirror is visible light, high power laser is not visible outside the range of spectral reflectance of the mirror

The default is the common behind a thin layer of silver, in front of a glass mirror. The mirror should be said first light.High power  laser penetrate the glass, metal metal absorption energy first arrived, and then quickly release energy, also is the reflection of light. If the metal surface is smooth, then the reflected light is special order, form specular reflection.

high power laser1

In the face of high power laser, even if the metal surface to smooth, instantly absorbed energy is too large, more than the metal can be reflected energy range, electronic metal atoms in the atomic structure completely out, between the metal atoms is destroyed, the metal is “broken”. (well, this beyond the scope of knowledge, but my truth should be about nothing wrong)

high power laser2

In other words, if high power laser casually to be reflected, so the metal surface mirror level how to use laser carving ah what? So, this face similar MW energy concentrated in less than one square centimeter level laser weapons, what the mirror was not so.high power laser3

Vaguely remember silvered mirror in 450nm to 2 micron reflectivity can be greater than 97.5%, 250nm to 450nm in the aluminum mirror reflectivity of 90% dielectric mirrors 800nm can be greater than 99%, but they all have a certain damage threshold, high power  laser to a certain extent is bad, if the dust on the mirror what is more likely to be broken.