The heat input burning laser pointer welding is higher than the pulse laser spot welding, so the deformation will be large than the pulse laser spot welding

By Aluminum Alloy welding strength is far below the strength of the material itself, and the strength difference between the various welding products are also great, poor stability. And the burning laser pointer Aluminum Alloy continuous welding welding can avoid welding cracks, improve the weld strength and stability.burning laser pointer2

Burning laser pointer pulse laser welding and welding with a tensile Aluminum Alloy products were compared. By calculation, the average tension of fiber laser is 3.9 times the pulse laser, and the standard deviation of the data only pull pulse laser 1/3.burning laser pointer3

The burning laser pointer seam tension is much higher than that of pulse laser spot welding, this space is provided to improve welding efficiency, by reducing the number and length of the weld seam, in welding under the condition of higher efficiency, and achieve the same pulse laser spot welding even higher welding tension.burning laser pointer1

In the actual operation process, by optimizing welding parameters, weld number, length and position of welding, burning laser pointer piecewise continuous seam welding process can completely replace the original pulse laser spot welding process.