The green laser sensor is particularly suitable for the measurement of rapid displacement changes without the need for an external force on the measured object

The principle of green laser measurement based on simple geometric relations. The laser beam emitted from the laser diode is irradiated to the measured object surface. The reflected light through a lens, onto a photosensitive element matrix, the photosensitive element can be CCD/CMOS or PSD components. Strength of reflected light on the surface characteristics of the measured object.

green laser1

The green laser probe to the measured object distance can be accurately obtained by calculation. The triangle rule using this method can obtain micron resolution. According to the different models, the measured data from external or internal controller through a variety of interfaces for laser2

Green laser is projected to be measured to form a visible spot on the object, through the spot can probe installation debugging is very simple, so the laser sensor is applied to many fields, become a popular choice for precise distance measurement. According to the different design, the optical measurement principle of maximum allowable measurement distance to 1m. according to the need of measuring tasks you can choose the range, very small, but has high measurement accuracy.

green laser3

In addition a highly reflective mirror, or analyte, may cause the vertical light return without the formation of diffuse reflection, will also cause the measurement ineffective. So the use of green laser, we must first fully communicate with the manufacturers, not human can be measured results most probably it did not actually happen, but not good. The current international mainstream laser displacement sensor the brand, such as Germany and Japan, Kean m Iridium, will require customers in the selection of laser displacement sensor, notice the measured surface structure and reflective properties.