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Two polarization perpendicular laser pens optical fiber polarization beam combiner for a beam of light

Therefore, it is very important that how to efficiently synthesize the sub beam of a multi beam communication signal to a bunch of laser pens. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a coherent polarization synthesis technique based on optical fiber devices.laser pens1

Two polarization perpendicular laser pens optical fiber polarization beam combiner for a beam of light, due to changes in the input beam phase difference, beam synthesis of arbitrary polarization. In order to control the synthesis of beam is linearly polarized, to proceed to the next level synthesis or for demodulation of communication signals, the group phase were put forward. Control and polarization control of two methods, and the theoretical analysis and experimental verification.

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The use of laser pens cooling technology, molecular cooling for the first time three atoms to near absolute zero (-273.15 C), this is the largest molecular technology so far cooling. Scientists believe that this miracle is expected for the manufacture of molecular quantum computer, but also could become a chemist’s good helper.laser pens3

Laser pens cooling technology has been used to cool a variety of single atomic physicists, but its molecular cooling difficult. In cooling by laser, laser energy and cooling system of the match, the more atoms and molecules contained in the atomic vibration and rotation, more complex, more difficult, the difficulty is cooling the greater.

The ideal color of the powerful laser pens gun should be “no color” infrared

The ideal color strength laser pens gun should be “no color” in the infrared, and you see the blue laser may not necessarily be the color itself, it is very likely that the luminous light hit the target in the high temperature region produced by laser emitting laser itself will be hot, if large power or it will burst a cooling device.laser pens2

If you do not want every shot to CD, then give it an evaporative cooling device, like the laser pens gun, the cooling liquid natural water can not be so low things, then use liquid nitrogen, affordable, safe and clean, high concealment, just need your gun. A coolant and exhaust port.

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When it comes to the powerful laser pens device, it must mention the laser cutting machine, which is now more conventional can rival the laser gun thing, it is indeed very small, just to support it to work there is a lot of things.

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Laser pens gun just need that little things below the white black sub center of the beam on the above, it can be like a tofu cut anything you want to cut any metal you want to cut it, just for killing the target is too small, you need a little rough. Plus a handheld device for cooling equipment and inexhaustible power, finally add a cool shell, is a laser gun.

Don’t say bad high power UV laser pens is done, playing in the metal, the metal must be broken.

Like laser pens have high requirements of the device is generally not used. But! Everything has an exception. This is Spring8 FEL, niubable Japanese with high frequency electronic deflection part need not fall, the rest of the nanosecond level length of beam, and then down to the hard compression, also they could have femtosecond level. In light of the cathode, but as a user device, stable and long time to provide high current beam is the most important, so they give up the photocathode.

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Because of the hot cathode bunch length is difficult, so after the laser pens invention, soon in electron. Because the length of the laser is easier to achieve fast, so produced by laser beam is short beam, good control.

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A metal cathode, in response to UV laser pens, is the goddess of love Nanuo award reference experiment. Long life of metal cathode, emission of live together. Of course is worse. The specific heat cathode 266nm laser. After all, remove the transition energy of the electron temperature did more than 0.4eV.

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And the metal cathode efficiency is very low, generally 10000 photons will hit 1 electrons, do well, barely able to 1000 photon is an electron. So when the high current to play silly, don’t say bad high power UV laser pens is done, playing in the metal, the metal must be broken.

Because the white light is a composite light.Laser pens is a certain frequency of light waves come out, it is difficult to meet the white light

First, the white of the frequency does not exist in the whole spectrum (wavelength), the human eye is mixed color to white light perception, Newton has confirmed in hundreds of years ago; second laser pens is a single frequency, so the principle of taking no white to red and blue laser. The wavelength of the semiconductor material green three the growth in a substrate, is almost impossible.laser pens1

Laser pens different wavelength and different materials, the lattice parameter differences are generally quite large, even can grow at the interface will produce a large number of lattice mismatch; large lattice mismatch in basic decisions cannot be together. The basic decision of multi wavelength optical synthesis can only use the spectrum.

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The more reliable method is to use the laser pens technology, using ultrafast laser of high pulse energy Ura Hikaruko crystal fiber, nonlinear effect, can realize the spectral broadening, generating high power white laser is difficult, the average power of ultrafast lasers is low, and the loss of power, broadening the entire spectrum is lower.

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In theory, at the same time on the 3 color laser pens with appropriate modulation, can produce the so-called white laser. But the monochromatic light mixed LED is still not very perfect modulation of white light, let alone by laser, this modulation is very complex, the effect is not very good.

Laser pens is a fine glass fiber like hair, with its structure centered along its length

When laser pens twisted, the hollow channel effect of the helical array in the light, similar to that described by general relativity, when light travels through the stars will occur due to gravitational bending in space.

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The optical fiber as an internal laser pens. like pipeline light by wall, usually with a light guide fiber core, the refractive index of glass fiber rate higher than the refractive glass outer layer closed. The refractive index difference will cause the light reflection in the cladding interface, and trapped in tube shaped fiber in the core. The team LED for the first time the light guide without core photonic crystal fiber.

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A typical laser pens consists of a piece of glass, a regular periodic array of holes in the glass and air volume. Due to the different refractive index and refractive index with periodic structure. This is the material called crystal, their atoms form a three-dimensional lattice ordered in the crystal salt or for example. In the conventional silicon crystal, such as insulator, conductor and semiconductor, the precise design of 3D structure determines the behavior of electrons.laser pens3

The three-dimensional structure depends on the optical properties of a laser pens to periodically, in some butterfly wings, this structure determines the butterflies sparkling color. The optical properties to control material is very useful in a wide variety of applications. Developed by Philip Russell and his team of Marx Planck in Erlangen the visible spectra of the photonic crystal fiber can be used to filter specific wavelength or produce super white light.

Green laser is a device capable of absorbing a specific frequency of a beam rather than releasing a beam of light

Green laser is located in the material cavity, when the working substance of a level between population inversion occurs when the distribution frequency in the level of spontaneous emission spectrum line width in laser pens, will gain and expand; because there are all kinds of cavity loss, blue laser pointer, in which the transmission can continue to decay. Oscillation, depends on the gain and loss of the burning laser pointer.laser pens1

Green laser to get the light to make the light in the self oscillating cavity round trip by gain, at least in the propagation of.Laser pens loss compensation is generally used in semiconductor material such as “gain medium” produce a focused beam, which is a blue laser pointer is a coherent beam vibration direction, the vibration frequency of the same, the same phase or the phase difference of two beams remain constant, burning laser pointer interference phenomenon in the region will be met.laser pens2

The opposite of green laser, is a kind of anti laser beam equipment can absorb specific frequencies rather than release beam. The incident beam into laser pens can interfere with each other, finally will offset each other. In this process, the blue laser pointer can be converted into heat energy released. And this process generally requires loss media participation with the laser gain medium loss medium such as silicon can make this.Burning laser pointer loss media is relative.

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Some people may think that green laser plays a big role in the military. That we can use laser pens to resist blue laser pointer attack? The answer is not. We talked about in front of the burning laser pointer after the absorption of coherent light into heat energy, and the heat is very large.

Green laser fine characterization technology has a marked speed, can choose characters and patterns, clear and beautiful handwriting

Green laser output peak power of the laser, the beam expanding lens and lens formed of small diameter spot and focus on the surface of an object, the formation of the high energy density of laser pens in local, part of a material to absorb energy, and convert it into heat, heat conduction through the material object to gasification, power intensity and pulse width to the purpose of marking pointer.Blue laser pointer is a key factor affecting the laser beam interactions with materials, the stronger, the more narrow pulse width, burning laser pointer.


The size and quality of the focus spot is an important factor that affects the green laser laser pens focuses on the precise characterization, the size is also affected by the quality of laser beam, the laser spot size determines the thickness of the line.Blue laser pointer characterization of  fine etching machine working process: burning laser pointer through the mirror system, then through objective lens surface focus on the object, the computer control movement of galvanometer, realize the beam path according to the set and the object is formed on the surface of etching.green-laser1

Compared with the traditional diamond powder grinding and ion beam characterization method, green laser precise characterization technology has mark speed, optional laser pens pattern, clear and beautiful, do not have any effect on the blue laser pointer and the purity of diamond, and has no pollution, has the advantages of simple operation and low cost, therefore has been widely used in burning laser pointer.


Whether the performance of green laser and its stable liquid film row. Row piece in order to ensure the quality stability of pens laser, in the use of raw materials should minimize the variable factors, do the use of raw materials. Blue laser pointer is relatively fixed in the process of operation and the transfer sheet equipment easily in the different effects and should be scratched burning laser pointer regularly and wipe the transmission parts, when the damaged parts should be replaced.

Green laser technology from the watch industry first began its application

Green laser is also called stereolithography technology, its principle is the computer control laser pens on the surface of the photosensitive resin as raw material by point by point scanning, scan area resin thin (about a few tenths of a millimeter) to produce light polymerization and curing, forming part of a thin.Blue laser pointer down a thick layer of the distance, so that the cured resin surface and then deposited on a new layer of liquid resin, burning laser pointer scanning process, the next layer is repeated until the entire prototype is completed.


Because the green laser reaction is based on the interaction of light and not based on the action of heat, so the work only when the low power laser pens. Blue laser pointer other models including blue, portable laser marking machine, laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, laser marking machine, CO2 portable laser marking machine assembly line laser inkjet printer, bar code, two-dimensional code marking machine, production date and batch number serial number of laser marking machine burning laser pointer.


Usually a small crack will cause the glass to break. Once the micro cracks formed in certain parts of the glass, it will spread to the edge of the glass, the fragile.Green laser rupture properties make it difficult to machining. On the other hand, the continuous development of the technology of the structure can be made smaller, and the shapes of the glass to be used in different fields. The precise of traditional methods, such as laser pens and blue laser pointer for processing glass, but these techniques are too expensive, difficult to operate, especially the use of a large area. Today, burning laser pointer provides the most accurate method for glass processing.


An exciting alternative technology has been put into industrial application, using the green laser sub picosecond pulse in the near infrared wavelength range. In this method, most of the surface or ultrashort pulse tightly focused on the glass, the power density per square centimeter number more than TW, lead to process complex, such as laser pens,blue laser pointer and avalanche, due to the highly localized damage to the glass matrix, and there is almost no energy deposition of burning laser pointer.green-laser4

Atmospheric green laser communication is a kind of wireless communication, which uses optical signal as the carrier of transmission information.

Because green laser is wireless communication, it can be moved to any location and mobile communication, which is its biggest advantage. Military value and concept in terms of atmospheric transmission of laser pens is very simple, that the laser beam will be transmitted to the receiver can use the transmitter. However, in the actual blue laser pointer, burning laser pointer narrow beam is required to receive accurate, so the system should also include the active alignment device.

In the space of transmission, green laser system must have a strong ability to remove stray light, or the sun or other laser pens laser beam irradiation will be flooded. In practice, the need to add narrow band-pass filter, can choose to receive the laser wavelength but not other wavelengths. The laser atmospheric communication system is the key practical technologies involved. There are continuous wave high power blue laser pointer technology; adaptive zoom technology; optical narrowband filter technology; burning laser pointer frequency stabilization technology.

Compared with the traditional means of radio communication, green laser atmospheric communication is convenient, easy to use, very suitable for the special terrain, the landform and the wired communication is difficult to achieve higher requirements and mobility in the workplace. In addition, the atmospheric communication system laser pens compared with other radio communication means, also has not occupy valuable blue laser pointer, burning laser pointer. electromagnetic compatibility is good.

The application of green laser atmospheric communication in military field is very wide, can stand in communication between high mountains and forests to complete the border post observation; laser pens can solve the temporary erection necessary communication and computer network or as a mobile communication switching station; blue laser pointer can be installed on the coast, rivers, the realization of burning laser pointer secure communication the island or the ship.

Green laser ultrasound has high temporal and spatial resolution due to light source flexibility.

Green laser is a nondestructive measurement of residual stress of a new method of.Laser pens theory and experimental results show that the existence of stress in the workpiece, laser beams in isotropic elastic body velocity and no stress when the transmission speed is different.Blue laser pointer related to the role of the stress the size of the force.


If you can get green  laser stress, the change of elastic body wave and laser pens transmission speed, a scheme can get the stress the size of.Laser beams is dependent on the relationship between ultrasonic velocity on the stress state based on the measurement of the echo time is orthogonal polarization two wave, another scheme is referred to as sing around.Blue laser pointer by the Rayleigh wave and longitudinal wave in the surface of the component, evaluation caused by the strain displacement relationship of weakly nonlinear speed difference, thus determine the residual stress, namely using acoustoelastic effect method.


Green laser is the use of high energy laser pens excitation produces ultrasonic broadband surface is detected, and the use of optical methods for detection, high resolution, non-contact, long distance detection and many other advantages, especially suitable for harsh environment applications, such as in high temperature, corrosive, radioactive and was seized with fast laser beams moving speed under the environment of blue laser pointer.green-laser3

Green laser ultrasound particularly easy to achieve rapid automated scanning. This technique has both quantitative and qualitative laser pens detection of  accurately, and has the characteristics of non-contact, accurate and rapid nondestructive detection can achieve laser beams. Blue laser pointer has been applied to the field of attribute calibration, table surface and internal defect detection.green-laser4