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High power laser is no need to prepare weapons if you can launch it

High power laser is no need to prepare weapons if you can launch it, with today’s technology is inevitable, but once the need to recharge, then from the charge to the launch always has time difference, high energy charge during the reaction and should have a certain radiation or electromagnetic wave leak out, then should be detected, and the warning or escape. In addition, any active type target may be found and evade.

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Someone mentioned in the movie high power laser is a section of the line, the reality of the laser weapon is also possible, because as far as possible to improve the instantaneous power, laser pulse modulation into the state, is the most effective way to the United States. Remote laser weapons

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First of all, the power of high power laser and related parameters, I have not found on the Internet to, but can determine the power of the laser is more than the scope of the human can bear, after all has learned that this is a “red” laser, visible light laser is inevitable in eye safe wavelength, and can achieve 30 meters of effectiveness.



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High power laser did not seem to be required. The laser laser is photon transitions of atomic / molecular release. The excimer laser and the ultraviolet light source, atoms, molecules have been excited into a plasma state, didn’t we generally assume that the “excited state”, is from the outside level transitions to the ground state, said it is also not what laser, error.

The mirror is visible light, high power laser is not visible outside the range of spectral reflectance of the mirror

The default is the common behind a thin layer of silver, in front of a glass mirror. The mirror should be said first light.High power  laser penetrate the glass, metal metal absorption energy first arrived, and then quickly release energy, also is the reflection of light. If the metal surface is smooth, then the reflected light is special order, form specular reflection.

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In the face of high power laser, even if the metal surface to smooth, instantly absorbed energy is too large, more than the metal can be reflected energy range, electronic metal atoms in the atomic structure completely out, between the metal atoms is destroyed, the metal is “broken”. (well, this beyond the scope of knowledge, but my truth should be about nothing wrong)

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In other words, if high power laser casually to be reflected, so the metal surface mirror level how to use laser carving ah what? So, this face similar MW energy concentrated in less than one square centimeter level laser weapons, what the mirror was not so.high power laser3

Vaguely remember silvered mirror in 450nm to 2 micron reflectivity can be greater than 97.5%, 250nm to 450nm in the aluminum mirror reflectivity of 90% dielectric mirrors 800nm can be greater than 99%, but they all have a certain damage threshold, high power  laser to a certain extent is bad, if the dust on the mirror what is more likely to be broken.

High power laser makes the owners can get better security in sparsely populated areas

As the most common halogen light source, the former was invented by Edison high power laser, but there is a fatal flaw is incandescent lamp, tungsten although electricity is bright, but the brightness will be the melting point of tungsten and tungsten, high temperature volatilization, condensation in the shell, LED light bulb Ukraine, affect the life, obviously the incandescent lamp can not be directly used in the car, so people on the incandescent lamp filled into halogen gas, can effectively improve the tungsten melting point and life.

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The theory is close to the color of the sun light is easy to adapt to the human eye. In addition to higher brightness than halogen lamps, high power laser also let life than formula halogen lamps and energy saving is longer; better, the xenon lamp is only 35W, which is issued by the 55W halogen lamp 3.5 times more light, greatly reduce the vehicle power the system load, the power consumption savings of more than 40%.

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High power laser, is capable of converting electrical energy into visible solid semiconductor devices, which can be directly converted into electricity to light. Now widely used in the market, often as light, light and backlight signs and various electrical characters, often as the car taillights, brake an important component of lights, daytime running lights and really appeared in a car in 2008 Lexus LS models were used for the first time in the LED lamp group as the vehicle headlights, and then opened the LED as the light source headlamp chapter.

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The principle of high power laser can be traced back to the particle level, the light emitting element is laser diode laser headlights, and actually LED light is closely connected with diodes, they have similar advantages, such as fast response, energy saving, small size, long life, low light attenuation. In the energy consumption and the volume is LED a greater advantage.

The three-dimensional structure of microbubbles is produced using a focused high power laser pulse in a liquid

Although this new work is a proof of concept, high power laser may have a day can achieve full-color three-dimensional volume update display. These types can be used to display or art museum exhibits, visitors can watch the show around the target in all ways. They are also exploring, to help doctors before surgery visualization the patient’s anatomy or study of the terrain and buildings of the previous target in the military mission.


For the new display bubble phenomenon called high power laser, which is focusing on the femtosecond laser multiphoton absorption occurs at the point. The multiphoton absorption allows researchers to create microbubbles in very precise position by moving the laser focus to a liquid filled container, as a different part a “screen”. The use of high viscosity or dense liquid, to prevent bubbles in the liquid, but once the bubble formation, immediately rise to the top position of the liquid.


When high power laser such as halogen lamp or high power LED light scattering to the foam forms when visual graphics. Researchers led by changing the color of white, red, blue and green to create monochrome images. They also illustrate that the projector illumination graphics can produce different colors in different regions image.


Compared with the one by one to create each bubble, the researchers used a computer generated hologram of the formation of high power laser, vesicle number and shape of let them control. This method can also increase the amount of light scattering from micro bubbles, make the image more bright.