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Different from the science fiction movie scene, the laser beam generated by green laser light

Different from the science fiction movie scene, the laser beam generated by  green laser light, you can only see the target was hit after the injury, but did not see the actual beam. It is the “invisible killer”, it is possible to change the future war thinking, to win the war have a decisive impact.


Killing with Kindness, from.2000 to China years of Taoism, mankind has been the dream of the weak green laser light put the enemy into a sword. In 214 BC, the ancient Rome fleet besieged the ancient Greek Sura City, of vital importance occasion, Archimedes used the principle of focusing lens energy convergence, the ancient Rome fleet sailing burned.


With the in-depth study of the proposed optical stimulated radiation theory. After the Soviet Union and the United States the unremitting efforts of scientists, in 1960, the first ruby green laser light in American physicist Theodore Maiman’s laboratory was born. The advent of this product, makes use of the laser beam along a certain direction to attack possible.


Because green laser light has high energy monochromaticity, coherence characteristics and good direction, soon to be a weapons manufacturer, is used in various weapon systems, and has proven its value in.20 century 70s in various wars, laser guided bombs are used to guide the United States, “gem road” series the laser guided bomb in Vietnam clap.

There is also a can not ignore the phenomenon, it is called the green laser light

When an electron is in the excited state, it will behave like a bunch of waves. When two states from the waves interfere with each other, it will leave the so-called “fingerprint” in the femtosecond level. The real quantum effect will be regarded as a new, controllable oscillator the frequency and direction. And the key lies in the level of green laser light, femtosecond fast enough, can enter in the electronic excited state space to intercept it, let it be used to stack, to achieve more operations.

green laser light1

We know that the green laser light by different materials of several superimposed layers, they are orderly stacked together as electronic components. These components are very small, small enough to only use the microscope to see them. In the square grid acts as a switch, control calculation for electronic components. The distance is calculated by nano the distance between each other, so they are more small, a chip can be placed in the more things.green laser light3

After why the process becomes more and more small, the performance can not only become more powerful, energy consumption will become low? Green laser light distance will make the current capacity of the transistor terminal is reduced, enhance the exchange frequency. When the electronic signal switching transistor, its energy consumption and the current capacity is directly related to energy consumption so naturally lower.green laser light2

There is also a can not ignore the phenomenon, it is called the green laser light. when the chip process is less than a certain degree, it will no longer be semiconductor electronic bound, the latter suddenly started smoothly. We need to control the electronic, in order to achieve open and close, which is 0 and 1 can not be achieved if the “0” so, the modern computer mentain system will cease to exist.

Why is green laser light (or its reflection) will look grainy?

When the teacher asked the question of laser principle, the teacher praised me to observe carefully, then tell me this is the green laser light speckle interference phenomenon, because of the special high coherence laser. Gauss beam just shows a cross-section of the laser light intensity on the part of Gauss branch, and the scattered Never mind spot.

green laser light1

The particle state was named “green laser light“. The intensity of speckle pattern is random, can be generated by laser in rough surface reflection or laser through inhomogeneous media. Because most of the surface is rough on the wavelength of light, due to the high coherence laser, when light reflected from the surface of the object. Each point on the object to the appropriate distance of observation point vibration is coherent.

green laser light2

Green laser light is due to photons of frequency, phase and amplitude are the same, each encounter can interfere. Due to surface roughness, a beam of photons in the laser will be rough surface reflection to run around, so it encounters the same phase of the photon, the meeting place will brighten, meet the photon anti phase the place is dark.

green laser light3

The “green laser light” I was not very strict, but the expression of “a small light” laser beam inside the light. In the process of communication, the initial phase (shaking position start) is the same, but the instantaneous phase (the current position of the vibration transmission (with) go forward the process of continuous) to 2 pi (a circle) and the cycle of change.

Computer controlled green laser light scanning the surface of photosensitive resin as raw material

Scanning is to produce light polymerization and curing area of green laser light, forming part of a thin layer. The table down a thick layer of distance, so that the cured resin surface and then deposited on a new layer of liquid resin, the scanning process, the next layer is repeated until the entire prototype manufacturing. Since the light polymerization is based on the interaction of light and not based on the action of heat, so the lower power laser source only at work.green laser light1

In addition, because there is no thermal diffusion, the chain reaction and can better control, to ensure that green laser light does not occur at the laser point, so the high processing precision, good surface quality, the utilization rate of raw materials is close to 100%, can make complicated shape, fine parts, high efficiency. For the larger size of the parts. It can be used to block forming and bonding method of production.

green laser light2

In the automobile body manufacturing application green laser light can produce precision casting mold with the required proportion, which cast a certain proportion of the body metal model, the metal model can be used in wind tunnel and collision test, thus completing the final evaluation of the body, to determine whether the design is reasonable.

green laser light3

For the green laser light test of intake pipe inlet pipe is composed of the inner shape of free surface is very complex, it is to improve the efficiency of charging, have very important influence on the combustion process. In the design process, need to do airway test of different air inlet pipe of the scheme, the traditional method is to use the method of manual processing by dozens of section describe the wood or plaster mold. The trachea

Because the green laser light cat has tigers and cats animal, so it is curious how funny the tiger will take the laser pen?

Using green laser light to make the tiger is must have the effect, because of the specific effects of tiger vary. Let the first thing you say as everyone knows things, animal belonging to the two color instead of a trichromat. In simple terms, the vast majority of animal are color blind. Two color viewer “means the person or animal can only distinguish red and green two colors, blue in; and trichromat can distinguish all the three colors.green laser light1

Animal behavior science is a theory that says that two of the color of the animal may suddenly see the mobile green laser light is more sensitive, when they suddenly saw a moving object, fear center would be called amygdale brain impulse stimulation to make animal stress reaction, this is when people want to close to the animal should be slowly close.

green laser light2

Of course, this stress response is also different from the animals. Some animals may behave as panic, such as horses, and some animals show confrontation, as we see the cat and green laser light.green laser light3

So the same way, when you take a green laser light to tease the tiger, as long as it is within the scope of the tiger’s rapid movement, the tiger will respond to stress

Green laser aspheric optical parts have excellent imaging quality with spherical optical parts

Green laser application can be well corrected laser module in optical system, to improve the imaging quality of  laser pens blue laser pointer, to improve the ability to identify, range of action, it can take one or several small aspheric parts instead of more burning laser pointer, which simplifies the structure of instrument, reduce costs, and effectively reduce the the weight of the instrument.green laser1

High power laser green laser light parts in modern high-energy, ICF ignition project, green laser and laser pens and deep space exploration strike system plays an extremely important role, increasingly wide range of applications. Some of these systems due to the use of environmental and related conditions, has very stringent requirements on laser module.green laser2

Blue laser pointer traditional processing methods not only in time, efficiency and cost can not meet the requirements, it is more important to burning laser pointer can not be completed as many other materials and high power laser green laser light processing. At the same time, the traditional processing method can not solve complex aspheric surface parts, such as green laser ultra precision machining technology, the problem of conformal curved optical parts.

green laser3

There is an urgent need to study to adapt to the rapid and efficient laser module, on the other hand, with the development of modern computer technology, laser pens, blue laser pointer, the development of various precision components manufacturing technology and environmental control technology, but also provides technical support for the implementation of the requirements of the burning laser pointer, which may become a reality.

Because the green laser system has the flexible processing mode, the high precision processing effect as well as the flexible controllable processing process

Long life laser module configuration green laser system has been basically close to the free maintenance, in the production process, laser pens grade 1, no other safety protection device.Blue laser pointer system is equipped with a suction device, will not cause the emissions of harmful substances. The control software with easy operation, the burning laser pointer is being replaced the traditional mechanical process, saving the cost of special tools.green laser1

High power laser circuit board  board and green laser light micro drilling and other fields, the green laser system exhibits a significant technological advantage. According to the thickness of the circuit board of different materials, laser module along the desired contour once or repeatedly cutting. Material is thin, cutting speed faster. If the cumulative laser pens is lower than that of penetrating materials required for blue laser pointer, only scratches on the surface of the material; therefore, can be two-dimensional code or code in the material marking, in order to follow the process of burning laser pointer.

green laser2

The circuit board of the high power laser for frontback connection between the double plate line, or connection circuit for any layer between the conductive multilayer board. In order to need, after drilling the hole wall is plated with a metal layer. Now using the traditional green laser light has been unable to meet the drilling diameter smaller requirements: although improve the spindle speed, but the radial velocity of green laser can be reduced because the diameter is too small, even unable to complete the requirements of the laser module. in addition, considering the economic level, easy to wear laser pens supplies is a limiting factor.green laser3

In the early days, each layer of blue pointer laser circuit has been applied to the multi-layer circuit board.Burning laser pointer through the prepreg is pressed together; according to the circuit design, some regions of the high power laser need to be pressed and then cutting window.

Green laser is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic spectrum, including wireless, X and visible light

Green laser has some unique characteristics, so that they attract scientists laser module. on the one hand, most of them through the non conducting material, so they can be used for packaging box or by external security laser pens, because they are less than X ray energy, they will not damage human tissue or blue laser pointer.green laser1

Burning laser pointer due to the chemical effect of different in different ways, is also used to analyze the different high power laser can be used to characterize the specific substances. This is called the green laser light green laser, this ability, the use of light materials analysis is one of the most promising and challenging laser module.green laser2

In order to achieve this goal, laser pens scientists launched a series of  to the target object, then observe them and wave interaction after the blue laser pointer. burning laser pointer in eyes with visible light, we see a green type because of light reflection produced in the green high power laser chlorophyll.green laser3

The solution lies in the metal structure of new imaging green laser light. green laser and laser module when interacting with each other, they will produce a complex electromagnetic field, which is peculiar to the incident signal. Typically, these delicate areas are ignored, but researchers have realized that they can read out the pattern as laser pens, in order to determine the electromagnetic wave. The whole process can be through the micro chip blue laser pointer to complete, it can read burning laser pointer.

A new green laser flashlight, the mob was temporarily blind eye after irradiation, but do not leave sequelae

The green laser laser module flashlight by a science and technology enterprise development, laser pens is 3 cm in diameter, about 15 cm long and weighs about 180 grams. After the switch is turned on, the flashlight can launch spot small narrow beam blue laser pointer. both during the day or night, and in the mob near to about 30 meters, the high power laser can make the mob temporarily blind, to stop the mob shooting, driving escape arrest behavior.

The green laser light of the safe use of the minimum distance is 4 meters, not less than 4 meters with the green laser irradiation can make the eye of the mob, temporary loss of vision, but will not cause irreversible consequences. In addition, laser module will be conditioned to quickly closed, this reaction will also protect the eyes from laser pens continuous irradiation damage.

Except for the anti riot weapon, the blue laser pointer can be installed in the automatic rifle or pistol as a burning laser pointer. in the major military operations before the start of the offensive will usually turn off the radio network, only receives signals without signal, to avoid being found, this is called “high power laser“.

This green laser light can make in radio silence state secret service issued a simple contact signal with a flashlight, contact distance up to 10 km, green laser battery can work continuously for at least 500 hours.

Green laser system is relatively compact, power and auxiliary gas consumption rate is relatively low

Green laser we can absorb the inhaled gas in the air, odor and pollutants, including the potential risks of potentially carcinogenic chemicals. Indoor air through laser module filtration cycle, and return to the surrounding environment or be discharged to the outside.Laser pens certified the air filtration method, because of the excellent adsorption properties with activated carbon but as the preferred, and it has been widely applied.green laser1

As a comprehensive production factory, all parts of the blue laser pointer in the factory production of activated carbon air filter required (Figure 2). For burning laser pointer and the metal plate covering the carbon plate modules require a lot of linear cutting. The shell is in a turret punch press is made by using high power laser the material, Texas to plan to use green laser light to more efficient production of the shell.

green laser3

“When green laser began to afford us the size of the enterprise, I started to pay attention to investigation and laser module, but the maintenance of equipment and their prices are relatively high, even the longest life expectancy of laser pens, also must be every 6 years to replace or renovate one, which means that the need to spend 40 thousand to 60 thousand U.S. dollars, blue laser pointer operating cost per unit time is higher. The cost is too high”green laser2

After extensive research, he finally chose the burning laser pointer. “when I finally settled in the high power laser eyes, I was shocked by its cost advantage,” he said to.Green laser light a good balance between performance and price, all the advantages of green  laser concentration fiber laser machine to the market the most competitive price.