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When blue laser pointer is visible, people are very excited and screamed

Blue laser pointer arm is 12 meters long, is more accurate than the previous ring laser, with 1/1000000000 of the earth’s rotation sensing precision. Its design is not just a square ring, but the 4 triangular ring. 3 of them were used to constraint in any direction of rotation, can increase the throughput of fourth rings rate. Construction work began in March 2016, and completed in 6 months.

blue laser pointer2

When blue laser pointer is visible, people are very excited and screamed. “The team is on the laser interference to measure the effect. They will report a meeting recently held in the European Geophysical Science Association for the first time on the measurement results.

blue laser pointer3

Blue laser pointer is not the same as fixed people imagine, but every day for a change or MS cm level. Both the sun and the moon in the gravitational pull of earth, and continental drift, changes in ocean currents and ice age glaciers degradation change around quality caused by crustal rebound, inertial motion will change the earth, so as to change it is rotated.

blue laser pointer1

Blue laser pointer using radio dish on the earth at a distance are observed in the distant universe, quasars from time to time flashing bright “Lighthouse”. When the parabolic antenna is widely distributed through the calculation will be recorded to a brightness change, geodesist can calculate the rotation rate of the earth’s axis and coordinate.

The focus of information a few kilowatts of continuous blue laser pointer

The focus of information a few kilowatts of continuous blue laser pointer, you can see the distribution of light beam in the focal region and intensity corresponding to a beam cross section distribution is very intuitive, can be seen in the center of the beam intensity is low, the intensity distribution of the ring, is probably the TEM01 mode, the light beam M2 is about 2.24. General quality, but high energy CO2 laser basically is just like this.blue laser pointer1

Blue laser pointer for relatively thin materials, the impact is not big, but for thick material, determine the effect of material relative to the focus position of processing is very important, the focus position is different, and the effect of energy materials received when processing is completely different.

blue laser pointer2

Red is blue laser pointer, sampling a plane high speed rotating probe, and the sampling light to the detector through the internal optical path, to determine the sampling energy, and record the probe position and angle when Saowan the corresponding area, through the computer will correspond to the data synthesis and the light intensity distribution information corresponding to the cross section of the completion of a set of measurements.blue laser pointer3

Simultaneous measurement of mobile control and blue laser pointer. High precision positioning and fixing device is relatively easy, has reached nm or even nm level positioning, but repeated positioning device of high speed will be affected by various factors, the completion of a complete test requires thousands of synchronization of motor stability demand is very high, if stuck, the equipment basically scrapped.


Therefore, the main direction of the blue laser pointer has high average power, high peak power two routes

Blue laser pointer chemical energy, mature technology, the United States will be equipped with oxygen iodine laser target played on Boeing airplane, maintenance disadvantage is expensive, usually toxic chemical dyes, so the most fire is mainly solid laser weapons, such as slab type, disc type solid laser is to support structure of large power stability output.

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Comprehensive high average power, high peak power, high beam quality blue laser pointer is promising, the most worth doing is disc end pumped solid-state laser. The disc, fiber, lath structure is to heat, heat production is always the biggest problem of high power laser.blue laser pointer2

A parameter blue laser pointer must be considered is the photoelectric conversion efficiency. If the conversion efficiency is too low, the power consumption is too large, vehicle, airborne is not good, this is why the current to achieve the laser weapons targeting most land-based, shipboard, large aircraft equipped with energy, otherwise is a problem.

blue laser pointer3

In addition, in order to output high beam quality, directly using the blue laser pointer output seems not much, but with the laser power, light – light – > > series, more conversion efficiency is lower, and in order to pumped, Ura Hikaruhikaruko energy is greater than the laser output of the photon energy, therefore may be used in nonlinear crystal the wavelength of the frequency doubling efficiency, as can be imagined.

Blue laser pointer diffuse reflection on the exposed skin will burn

Blue laser pointer energy is 8 * 250J, and a rifle bullet muzzle kinetic energy, but the power is so short duration of the order of TW. The laser can not continuous playing so strong, after a few hours. At that time, after the target used is a metal sheet a few millimeters square size, after completely unable to find it. According to the staff said, by the end of the chamber when cleaning might be under the metal slag layer is very thin.

blue laser pointer1

Blue laser pointer to a moment. The video apart and found only one frame of the left side is bright, the previous frame and the next frame is black (that is CCD from left to right a refresh). You can see through the target room window, the scattered light is very strong (the presence of personnel not heard of any close your eyes and be as blind accident).

blue laser pointer2

In general, like doing laboratory experiments of blue laser pointer in femtosecond nanosecond air will produce ionization. Like the shooting on the glass, can be observed in the traces of internal and external to the glass, but it did not seem to trace between the observed erosion. In fact, the laser light path through the target glass, but the adjustment method can make the laser at the target before (without destroying the glass, because the glass is transparent) and then arrive at the role of glass target.blue laser pointer3

Small power to cut thick glass, just as a demonstration purposes only. But the blue laser pointer power of this machine is so small that the laser injection is not easy to identify with the naked eye, there is a demonstration. A man with his hand in front of the laser spot waved. Then, a a gray hair is very obvious that the brothers are the center of the palm. On the back of his hand.

Beam quality is one of the important performance evaluation indexes of blue laser pointer, and has been a hot spot in the field of laser optics

The effect of spatial filter is to improve the quality of blue laser pointer, strictly speaking, each node needs to monitor the image transfer in near field and far field. In addition, the input and output wavefront spatial filter is a very important parameter to ensure the basic performance of the laser device, optical element diameter before is relatively small, mainly affected by the wavefront collimation.

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As the optical element diameter increases, making alignment aberration introduced by frequency ripple wavefront error will affect the near field and far field distribution, so the monitoring beam quality needs to take into account the near field, far field and wave parameters to complete, such as can be detected at the same time the three parameter is the ideal location of.Blue laser pointer the direction of transmission through one optical element, optical element with wavefront error and wavefront diffraction effect change, near-field and far-field wavefront distortion by the same position, only the “eye”. The “Mami”.blue laser pointer2

Blue laser pointer detection with the development of SG series device, from the beginning of “Shenguang I measurement of laser parameters are complete, including the detection of laser beam parameters, near field, far field and wave.20 years ago the Shenguang II development process, further optimization of the near field and far field instrument is an important instrument the role of reasonable arrangement of the optical path and beam quality monitoring and control.

blue laser pointer3

Data processing is introduced as the beam filling factor of near field distribution of evaluation parameters, describe blue laser pointer geometric volume and high ratio of beam peak for the rectangular volume. Near field instrument monitoring the Shenguang II optical image transfer in strict accordance with the arrangement, can greatly improve the beam quality.

Because the green laser system has the flexible processing mode, the high precision processing effect as well as the flexible controllable processing process

Long life laser module configuration green laser system has been basically close to the free maintenance, in the production process, laser pens grade 1, no other safety protection device.Blue laser pointer system is equipped with a suction device, will not cause the emissions of harmful substances. The control software with easy operation, the burning laser pointer is being replaced the traditional mechanical process, saving the cost of special tools.green laser1

High power laser circuit board  board and green laser light micro drilling and other fields, the green laser system exhibits a significant technological advantage. According to the thickness of the circuit board of different materials, laser module along the desired contour once or repeatedly cutting. Material is thin, cutting speed faster. If the cumulative laser pens is lower than that of penetrating materials required for blue laser pointer, only scratches on the surface of the material; therefore, can be two-dimensional code or code in the material marking, in order to follow the process of burning laser pointer.

green laser2

The circuit board of the high power laser for frontback connection between the double plate line, or connection circuit for any layer between the conductive multilayer board. In order to need, after drilling the hole wall is plated with a metal layer. Now using the traditional green laser light has been unable to meet the drilling diameter smaller requirements: although improve the spindle speed, but the radial velocity of green laser can be reduced because the diameter is too small, even unable to complete the requirements of the laser module. in addition, considering the economic level, easy to wear laser pens supplies is a limiting factor.green laser3

In the early days, each layer of blue pointer laser circuit has been applied to the multi-layer circuit board.Burning laser pointer through the prepreg is pressed together; according to the circuit design, some regions of the high power laser need to be pressed and then cutting window.

Green laser then observe their scattering at the visible wavelength, which is called a cyclotron kick

Green laser is commonly used for identification of unknown materials, because almost every kind of material can be through its unique infrared absorption spectrum, or fingerprint recognition. The new method for the detection of infrared fingerprint, without the use of laser pens. blue laser pointer in traditional instruments has greatly increased the size of the instrument, which limits the portability of burning laser pointer because they are big, cooling requirements.

The working principle of the green laser is to use the infrared laser and green laser irradiation.Laser pens particle energy deposition into particles, making them thermal expansion. Then the blue laser pointer is the green heating particle scattering. A burning laser pointer is used to monitor the scattering, physical change tracking single particles through the microscope lens.

Green laser then observe them in the scattering wavelength of visible light, the light modulation process known as laser pens, since the last century in 80s has been the use of blue laser pointer, the new study using more advanced burning laser pointer manufacturing and testing, for the first time by de Marcia and imaging configuration detection of multiple particles.

The new green laser using the wavelength of visible light image, the spatial resolution is about 1 microns, compared to about 10 micron resolution better than the traditional laser pens a lot. This increased blue laser pointer to allow new technologies to work closely together in the burning laser pointer. to identify the very small size of the

The green laser is focused at a randomly selected depth in the cell to a line that is close to a tiny speck of a single molecule

The continuous change of focus depth laser green, scanning at a series of levels, finally obtain three-dimensional images of whole cells. Using fluorescent probe has reached thousands of combined with the specificity of laser pens, people can directly observe living cells of various important biological molecules, and the blue laser pointer movement the interaction. For example observation on the burning laser pointer.


Using the multiphoton green laser at least three  advantages: one is due to near laser pens, so the living cell damage is greatly reduced; the two is in the organization because of near infrared light is higher than light transmittance of visible light, the fluorescence imaging of deeper observations in the sample; three is many used in the visible region and even purple the blue laser pointer still can be used. This technique is mainly the use of high strength burning laser pointer, the two-photon excitation efficiency and short wavelength single photon. Now some lasers to meet this requirement.green-laser2

In this way, green laser is like the pliers to firmly grip the pressure on the particle, and make it with artificially mobile.Laser pens beam on the surface of particles on the optical wavelength, power beam width and power of.Blue laser pointer for a few milliwatts to a few watts, applied to the size of particles of micron size on the stress is about burning laser pointer. in order not to make the laser is strongly absorbed in biological tissue, in order not to make the laser is strongly absorbed in biological tissue, the general optical tweezers using near infrared laser light source.green-laser3

In the future, a new generation of green laser will have the force feedback mechanism, the optical tweezers capture in ion strength can change its size and influence of the molecular motor laser pens.Blue laser pointer can also be used for a variety of processing of cells. Therefore, burning laser pointer will play an important role in cell the engineering technology.

Green laser cleaning technology is a new efficient and pollution-free cleaning technology

What is the “green laser stainless steel locomotive body welding”? In fact, it is the stainless steel skin and internal skeleton of locomotive by inward external laser welding together. Unlike traditional welding, laser pens does not allow the skin outside welding deformation traces and hot surface to see, outside of the beautiful degree requirements are very high, like “blue laser pointer” this welding method is generally. In Europe and other developed countries in the locomotive manufacturing, has become one of the important technologies of burning laser pointer manufacturing.


With the rapid development of green laser, on Die Casting mechanical properties and service life of higher demands, at the same time because of the high cost of die casting mould, laser pens in the long-term use conditions due to high speed, high pressure, alternating or alternating load working conditions lead to the mold surface or blue laser pointer, or wear cracks the mould performance degradation, and even lead to burning laser pointer.green-laser3

The circuit board in the green laser for frontback connection between the double plate line, or connection circuit for any layer between the conductive multilayer board. In order to laser pens, in the hole wall is plated with a metal layer. Now using the traditional blue laser pointer has been unable to meet the requirements of more and more small hole diameter: Despite the increased the spindle speed, radial velocity burning laser pointer can be reduced because the diameter is too small, even unable to complete the processing requirement.


Because the green laser provides a way of life of living cell biological processes in a highly scale case, the laser pens also can only be achieved in the electron microscope image. In order to obtain such blue laser pointer, the researchers hope to study fluorescence probe added to their cells, then these cells will be available in the burning laser pointer to.


With the successful development of the key materials of all solid state lasers, the green laser display technology is greatly promoted.

Green laser based on  technology, such as the technology of laser pens alloy and laser cladding technology, using blue laser pointer melt and mixed metal powder, laser beams as the coating to cover the surface of materials. However, the process also have some shortcomings. The process temperature is high, the phenomenon of shrinkage during solidification, and paint dilution factors must be considered, in order to avoid the deformation of the material, the residual stress exist high strength and unnecessary metal.green-laser-1

The material in a small portion of the molecule is always better than other molecules of high temperature. When they absorb green laser when they are stimulated into a higher energy state. In some materials at green laser to bring the molecules to the original level lower than them, vibration is more “cold” away. The blue laser pointer and molecular ratio of the absorbed light contains more energy, which is called laser beams.green-laser-2

In the manufacture of metal furniture, butt joints of green laser laser beams welding are generally used to assemble edge and sub assemblies profiles after laser pens cutting and bending joint. For this shape, to ensure the quality of blue laser pointer on the weld joint, positioning and adjustment is particularly critical. Therefore, between the plate edges the distance should be less than 0.15mm. blue fiber laser beams device is the use of rare earth ion upconversion luminescence mechanism.green-laser-3

But in most cases, in order to improve the absorption efficiency and conversion efficiency of green laser pumped, pens or Pr will often use laser ions and Yb ions Co doped, sensitized by Yb ion, using the principle of multi phonon absorption to obtain blue laser pointer effect on the most efficient conversion, Tm/Yb Co doped and Pr/Yb Co doped this two types of laser beams upconversion fiber has been reported.