A new green laser detector in the last research based on the improved form

The detector can also help doctors  green laser identify brain cancer cells in the region, but only through the display of visual presentation. While the blue laser pointer new detector can convert audio signal of the signal, the doctor can “hear” cancer cells in the brain, the eyes focused on the resection site. Participate in research at Clyde University, Matthew Beck said. The new green laser  technology can accurately guide the signal, let the doctor “all eyes focused on the operation”.green-laser04

For cancer patients, cancer  green laser cells are not cleaned will relapse and metastasis and resection of left hidden trouble, healthy cells, nerve function and damage, green laser causing serious side effects. The next step, they will strive for the early clinical trials of laser detector, to help doctors to remove cancerous brain cells, but not the removal of the healthy cells blue laser pointer.green-laser03

Do not think that this is a kind of invisible glasses, is not new. It consists of biophile inert material,  green laser the body will not be excluded, it will not degenerate life loss, corrected visual acuity, as long as the small pieces in your eyes,  green laser and then rinsed with saline. After 10 seconds, the bionic crystal will spread your whole eyeball.


Light is an electromagnetic wave green lase with peaks and troughs, all composed of a bunch of ordinary light laser has the same phase, so synchronous peak or trough to arrive. While bending beams of different, different light green laser waves having different phase, so it shows a spiral shape in the road, this kind of spiral curved beam and encryption almost no information transmission capacity constraints, communication become especially green laser suited for satellite communication.green-laser01

Application and Prospect of green laser in the treatment of dental pulp disease

Also related research reports, tooth preparation green laser of erbium green laser and general dental turbine, green laser has no vibration, no preparation, no anesthetic or reducing the use of these advantages, can reduce the pain of patients, record the green laser tester of erbium green laser cavity preparation conditions using scanning electron microscope and the temperature is especially suitable for the Department of Stomatology treatment in children.Beloica and Al-Batayneh in vitro, the results show that the green laser can remove the tooth surface smear layer effectively, reduce crack.


Root canal therapy is through the mechanical  green laser removal method of green laser chemical drugs in the root canal infection, disinfection of root canal and root canal unobstructed, finally filling root canal filling agent to seal green laser apical. Bacteria and their products play an important role in the occurrence and development of the endodontic disease, root canal therapy objective clear root tube pathogenic factors, promote periapical green laser disease.


In the depth of dentinal green laser  tubules reduced bacteria were no statistically significant difference, but group A bacteria reduction rate green laser  in each layer were slightly higher than the C group, which may be related to the mode of action of Er:YAG green laser  in the A group, the green laser  irradiation can promote it to stir the sodium hypochlorite dentinal tubules penetrate into deep, deep to kill that sweet Tian bacteria. The photoa coustic guided photon green laser .


Laser and NiTi devices combined removal of the smear green laser  layer of root canal and the protection degree is better than green laser  group and NiTi group were better than the instruments, and step back technique.Kokuzawa canal green laser  preparation research of Er:YAG laser root also proved the effectiveness of Er:YAG green laser  removal of the smear layer and the opening degree of dentinal tubules. Thus, the laser in the root canal have the advantage of preparation.green-laser4

Green laser how much do you know about it?

You’re wantonly trying to  get the green laser pilot to crash it and kill between 50-800 people. In my opinion, that sentence was a bit low. Attempted mass   homicide should get you  locked up for much longer. Because mass homicide is what you’re effectively trying to do when you point a green laser at an aircraft. You’re wantonly trying to get the pilot to crash it and kill between 50-800 people.


Green laser has two important components: first, the need to enlarge the light of the media; secondly, the light will remain in the structure of the medium.The feedback mechanism of the random green laser is based on the random scattering, and its internal microstructure can also emit light, but the light scattering direction is different.


From Italy Rome University and Munich University of technology in Germany’s international team, created the first green laser based on controllable random cellulose paper, the successful use of the light scattering effect of TiO2 ceramic. The results are published in the green laser issue of “advanced optical materials journal, describes the scientific research personnel” will be applied in random biological structure green laser template technology. ”


Sunscreen is a strong light scattering effect of TiO2 based on random green laser also use this effect. The research team believes that the long fiber filter can form a stable structure, so it can be used as the template structure of random green laser.green-laser4