From the center of the highlights of the proliferation of extremely gorgeous green laser, overwhelmed by all

I know that the speed of light is green laser, but the moment you really will feel very slow, like a conical light start slowly, put you up. I was stunned for a moment to jump up, shouting hard squeeze LV!! tears, then opened his eyes, eyes is a shadow, shaking black shadow, each blink in front of the scene like the same ink slowly laser1

Then lay down for a week. Then the brothers support, wearing sunglasses to the 301 Hospital for examination. You check it is a sad thing, run the test, according to the table. Then spent a month, a month to listen to crosstalk. Looked at the ceiling and lonely day the skylight, said to myself: this life to death will not do green laser weapons.

green laser2

Now, two years, green laser still has one eye shadow, is a small black spot, but then the brain will magically dispose of it. The sunny days must go out wearing sunglasses, not wearing sunglasses on the whole eye. So slowly nocturnal, and more and more floaters also have a house. And don’t feel it.

green laser3

We have ten thousand kinds of methods to blindness, but no way. No matter which can cure green laser, just hit the eye, basically only blind or wait. Because there is no self-healing treatment, the doctor will only give you a bunch of check, then some hormones and nutritional medicine. Then look at how do you adjust the attitude.


Computer controlled green laser light scanning the surface of photosensitive resin as raw material

Scanning is to produce light polymerization and curing area of green laser light, forming part of a thin layer. The table down a thick layer of distance, so that the cured resin surface and then deposited on a new layer of liquid resin, the scanning process, the next layer is repeated until the entire prototype manufacturing. Since the light polymerization is based on the interaction of light and not based on the action of heat, so the lower power laser source only at laser light1

In addition, because there is no thermal diffusion, the chain reaction and can better control, to ensure that green laser light does not occur at the laser point, so the high processing precision, good surface quality, the utilization rate of raw materials is close to 100%, can make complicated shape, fine parts, high efficiency. For the larger size of the parts. It can be used to block forming and bonding method of production.

green laser light2

In the automobile body manufacturing application green laser light can produce precision casting mold with the required proportion, which cast a certain proportion of the body metal model, the metal model can be used in wind tunnel and collision test, thus completing the final evaluation of the body, to determine whether the design is reasonable.

green laser light3

For the green laser light test of intake pipe inlet pipe is composed of the inner shape of free surface is very complex, it is to improve the efficiency of charging, have very important influence on the combustion process. In the design process, need to do airway test of different air inlet pipe of the scheme, the traditional method is to use the method of manual processing by dozens of section describe the wood or plaster mold. The trachea

High power laser makes the owners can get better security in sparsely populated areas

As the most common halogen light source, the former was invented by Edison high power laser, but there is a fatal flaw is incandescent lamp, tungsten although electricity is bright, but the brightness will be the melting point of tungsten and tungsten, high temperature volatilization, condensation in the shell, LED light bulb Ukraine, affect the life, obviously the incandescent lamp can not be directly used in the car, so people on the incandescent lamp filled into halogen gas, can effectively improve the tungsten melting point and life.

high power laser1

The theory is close to the color of the sun light is easy to adapt to the human eye. In addition to higher brightness than halogen lamps, high power laser also let life than formula halogen lamps and energy saving is longer; better, the xenon lamp is only 35W, which is issued by the 55W halogen lamp 3.5 times more light, greatly reduce the vehicle power the system load, the power consumption savings of more than 40%.

high power laser3

High power laser, is capable of converting electrical energy into visible solid semiconductor devices, which can be directly converted into electricity to light. Now widely used in the market, often as light, light and backlight signs and various electrical characters, often as the car taillights, brake an important component of lights, daytime running lights and really appeared in a car in 2008 Lexus LS models were used for the first time in the LED lamp group as the vehicle headlights, and then opened the LED as the light source headlamp chapter.

high power laser1

The principle of high power laser can be traced back to the particle level, the light emitting element is laser diode laser headlights, and actually LED light is closely connected with diodes, they have similar advantages, such as fast response, energy saving, small size, long life, low light attenuation. In the energy consumption and the volume is LED a greater advantage.

Focusing on the theoretical limit of the burning laser pointer is not only a basic condition

The appropriate burning laser pointer and the mirror production has reached a high level of accuracy, but the standard lens made of beryllium, usually near the center is slightly too strongly curved. “Beryllium by molding precision mold lens. The shape error on the process sequence of hundreds of nanometers is almost inevitable.” lead to more light from the focus of scattering, and because the laws of physics are inevitable. More importantly, the light distribution in a large area.

burning laser pointer1

This defect is not relevant in many applications. However, if you want to use burning laser pointer radiation exposure to the small sample, you need to focus on a small area as much as possible. “So in some imaging technology, here you have to image as much as possible to get the details”

burning laser pointer2

In order to optimize the focus, defect scientists first carefully measured portable beryllium X light lens stack. Then they used precision burning laser pointer at the University of Jena, using quartz glass lenses. Then these data customization scientists at the accelerator laboratory using LCLS X ray laser to test these glassesburning laser pointer3

Using the lens correction, can improve the burning laser pointer was concentrated to three times the central spot focusing degree. On the contrary, the FWHM, the parameters of the optical focus in the field of science definition representation, and the correction lens, and not too big change, keep at about 150 nm.

Blue laser pointer diffuse reflection on the exposed skin will burn

Blue laser pointer energy is 8 * 250J, and a rifle bullet muzzle kinetic energy, but the power is so short duration of the order of TW. The laser can not continuous playing so strong, after a few hours. At that time, after the target used is a metal sheet a few millimeters square size, after completely unable to find it. According to the staff said, by the end of the chamber when cleaning might be under the metal slag layer is very thin.

blue laser pointer1

Blue laser pointer to a moment. The video apart and found only one frame of the left side is bright, the previous frame and the next frame is black (that is CCD from left to right a refresh). You can see through the target room window, the scattered light is very strong (the presence of personnel not heard of any close your eyes and be as blind accident).

blue laser pointer2

In general, like doing laboratory experiments of blue laser pointer in femtosecond nanosecond air will produce ionization. Like the shooting on the glass, can be observed in the traces of internal and external to the glass, but it did not seem to trace between the observed erosion. In fact, the laser light path through the target glass, but the adjustment method can make the laser at the target before (without destroying the glass, because the glass is transparent) and then arrive at the role of glass laser pointer3

Small power to cut thick glass, just as a demonstration purposes only. But the blue laser pointer power of this machine is so small that the laser injection is not easy to identify with the naked eye, there is a demonstration. A man with his hand in front of the laser spot waved. Then, a a gray hair is very obvious that the brothers are the center of the palm. On the back of his hand.

Because the white light is a composite light.Laser pens is a certain frequency of light waves come out, it is difficult to meet the white light

First, the white of the frequency does not exist in the whole spectrum (wavelength), the human eye is mixed color to white light perception, Newton has confirmed in hundreds of years ago; second laser pens is a single frequency, so the principle of taking no white to red and blue laser. The wavelength of the semiconductor material green three the growth in a substrate, is almost impossible.laser pens1

Laser pens different wavelength and different materials, the lattice parameter differences are generally quite large, even can grow at the interface will produce a large number of lattice mismatch; large lattice mismatch in basic decisions cannot be together. The basic decision of multi wavelength optical synthesis can only use the spectrum.

laser pens2

The more reliable method is to use the laser pens technology, using ultrafast laser of high pulse energy Ura Hikaruko crystal fiber, nonlinear effect, can realize the spectral broadening, generating high power white laser is difficult, the average power of ultrafast lasers is low, and the loss of power, broadening the entire spectrum is lower.

laser pens3

In theory, at the same time on the 3 color laser pens with appropriate modulation, can produce the so-called white laser. But the monochromatic light mixed LED is still not very perfect modulation of white light, let alone by laser, this modulation is very complex, the effect is not very good.

High energy electron beam produced by conventional free electron laser module based on RF accelerator

Both the RF electronic accelerator or composed of periodic magnet electron undulator is bulky, costly. The development of miniaturization, low cost of a new generation of free electron laser module, including electronic accelerator and undulator desktop of the scientific community has been a major goal of chasing the dream.laser module1

Using a beam of ultrashort laser module irradiation wire target by laser plasma interaction of high-energy electron emission oriented, based on the charge separation instantly generate a strong radial transient electric field on the metal wire; the electric wire guided along the direction of the spiral movement a large number of high-energy electron emission near along the wire transmission and periodic equivalent electron beam in a micro undulator in spiral motion.

laser module2

UV pulse generation is generally produced by the nonlinear process, such as the two harmonic generation or sum frequency generation, the new laser module by superimposing the sum of basic pulse photon energy which has higher energy and has a new color formation. However, the efficiency of these processes is very low.laser module3

When our car was laser module enemy sight targeting, sensor can sense the laser beam irradiation and to determine the laser wavelength and direction of the light source. The need to note that the alarm in the vehicle received laser aiming laser beam irradiation starts to work.

If the astronauts landed on the moon, how far would I use green laser to shoot him on earth?

The main problem is directional and intensity resolution problems. First, you green laser to hard alignment of the pupil. The astronauts only pointed the human eye can collect the laser laser1

The second is the strength of human sensitivity to resolution of the problem. The single photon state. However, the premise is the absolute darkness, so in this case even if the contrast of a photon is infinity. Astronauts will see a lot of radiation of the earth in space, then only the green laser energy compared with the background radiation to the human eye under the condition of resolution can be found. A better solution is to use 10Hz to improve the identification of flicker frequency, high frequency. So thepersistence of vision will make you still can not be laser3

Different green laser have different divergence angle, the general research several mrad, laser pen is more divergent, not suitable. Can calculate the range of irradiation to the moon, the average end transparent rate multiplied by the atmosphere, the human eye can identify the minimum contrast can be back to the sun. The sun and are quite different, completely dark earth the surface of the moon and the food, the 100W red laser should be laser2

If in the near sea level, a green laser light can be hundreds of kilometers away to see, so the light can also be seen on the moon? After all, 1000 km thickness is far less than the surface of the atmosphere is the light shielding ability.

Because the green laser light cat has tigers and cats animal, so it is curious how funny the tiger will take the laser pen?

Using green laser light to make the tiger is must have the effect, because of the specific effects of tiger vary. Let the first thing you say as everyone knows things, animal belonging to the two color instead of a trichromat. In simple terms, the vast majority of animal are color blind. Two color viewer “means the person or animal can only distinguish red and green two colors, blue in; and trichromat can distinguish all the three laser light1

Animal behavior science is a theory that says that two of the color of the animal may suddenly see the mobile green laser light is more sensitive, when they suddenly saw a moving object, fear center would be called amygdale brain impulse stimulation to make animal stress reaction, this is when people want to close to the animal should be slowly close.

green laser light2

Of course, this stress response is also different from the animals. Some animals may behave as panic, such as horses, and some animals show confrontation, as we see the cat and green laser laser light3

So the same way, when you take a green laser light to tease the tiger, as long as it is within the scope of the tiger’s rapid movement, the tiger will respond to stress

The three-dimensional structure of microbubbles is produced using a focused high power laser pulse in a liquid

Although this new work is a proof of concept, high power laser may have a day can achieve full-color three-dimensional volume update display. These types can be used to display or art museum exhibits, visitors can watch the show around the target in all ways. They are also exploring, to help doctors before surgery visualization the patient’s anatomy or study of the terrain and buildings of the previous target in the military mission.


For the new display bubble phenomenon called high power laser, which is focusing on the femtosecond laser multiphoton absorption occurs at the point. The multiphoton absorption allows researchers to create microbubbles in very precise position by moving the laser focus to a liquid filled container, as a different part a “screen”. The use of high viscosity or dense liquid, to prevent bubbles in the liquid, but once the bubble formation, immediately rise to the top position of the liquid.


When high power laser such as halogen lamp or high power LED light scattering to the foam forms when visual graphics. Researchers led by changing the color of white, red, blue and green to create monochrome images. They also illustrate that the projector illumination graphics can produce different colors in different regions image.


Compared with the one by one to create each bubble, the researchers used a computer generated hologram of the formation of high power laser, vesicle number and shape of let them control. This method can also increase the amount of light scattering from micro bubbles, make the image more bright.