The ideal color of the powerful laser pens gun should be “no color” infrared

The ideal color strength laser pens gun should be “no color” in the infrared, and you see the blue laser may not necessarily be the color itself, it is very likely that the luminous light hit the target in the high temperature region produced by laser emitting laser itself will be hot, if large power or it will burst a cooling device.laser pens2

If you do not want every shot to CD, then give it an evaporative cooling device, like the laser pens gun, the cooling liquid natural water can not be so low things, then use liquid nitrogen, affordable, safe and clean, high concealment, just need your gun. A coolant and exhaust port.

laser pens3

When it comes to the powerful laser pens device, it must mention the laser cutting machine, which is now more conventional can rival the laser gun thing, it is indeed very small, just to support it to work there is a lot of things.

laser pens1

Laser pens gun just need that little things below the white black sub center of the beam on the above, it can be like a tofu cut anything you want to cut any metal you want to cut it, just for killing the target is too small, you need a little rough. Plus a handheld device for cooling equipment and inexhaustible power, finally add a cool shell, is a laser gun.

Laser module from the face of the pox and India pock is feasible? Laser removal treatment means more effective at present.

But the high speed laser module after irradiation, can make the most of the energy and electron lost back to launch a large energy photon and photon Compton scattering, look in the energy transfer to the electronic just in turn, so called inverse Compton scattering. Thus the distribution function of hard photon has increased greatly, can realize the photon scattering process high energy.laser module1

Treatment of active acne preferred laser module, it is the use of strict control of the strong pulsed high energy scavenging Propionibacterium acne skin, eliminate the red dilation of blood vessels, control of skin inflammation, inhibit the secretion of inflammatory factors; at the same time, directly kill some sebaceous cells, inhibit sebum secretion.laser module2

Laser module in the treatment of proliferative phase effect is significant, lasting, and will not cause any complications. Some cases may choose to get rid of red effect better vascular treatment laser.laser module3

Laser module has always been grinding is an effective therapy for acne scar, but because of its side effects, especially the high pigment in darker skin pigmentation in rate, its application is very limited. The new technology of laser treatment of skin scar, can effectively avoid the traditional laser postoperative erythema, pigmentation and other side effects.

Green laser would allow the energy to focus as much as possible in time and space, so it will not “slowly”, nor “thick”.

Here is a bit, can “see” the energy for the green laser weapon is a serious loss, but also exposed their own design, in any case, you may have to make it look more dark and better.In addition, in order to maximize the killing effect of laser weapon, will allow the energy to focus as much as possible in time and space, so it will not “slowly”, nor “thick”.

green laser1

More likely is that if the eyesight is good, you can see a less bright line, and then quickly disappear, but this line is not you see green laser, but the laser through atmospheric ionization trails after left. When you see when the strike has been laser2

First, if green laser the use of weapons is not visible, then what optical phenomena can not see, suddenly the target is destroyed. If it is visible in the Tyndall effect under the condition of strong observation is a chance to see the laser laser3

If people are observation targets, since the speed of light is too fast is no chance to see the green  laser. The laser beam is generally considered a Gauss light, fundamental mode and higher-order mode points, is difficult to appear a line slowly coarsening situation. Along the direction of the incident laser, should be like the stone into the water, the water spread feeling.


Why is green laser light (or its reflection) will look grainy?

When the teacher asked the question of laser principle, the teacher praised me to observe carefully, then tell me this is the green laser light speckle interference phenomenon, because of the special high coherence laser. Gauss beam just shows a cross-section of the laser light intensity on the part of Gauss branch, and the scattered Never mind spot.

green laser light1

The particle state was named “green laser light“. The intensity of speckle pattern is random, can be generated by laser in rough surface reflection or laser through inhomogeneous media. Because most of the surface is rough on the wavelength of light, due to the high coherence laser, when light reflected from the surface of the object. Each point on the object to the appropriate distance of observation point vibration is coherent.

green laser light2

Green laser light is due to photons of frequency, phase and amplitude are the same, each encounter can interfere. Due to surface roughness, a beam of photons in the laser will be rough surface reflection to run around, so it encounters the same phase of the photon, the meeting place will brighten, meet the photon anti phase the place is dark.

green laser light3

The “green laser light” I was not very strict, but the expression of “a small light” laser beam inside the light. In the process of communication, the initial phase (shaking position start) is the same, but the instantaneous phase (the current position of the vibration transmission (with) go forward the process of continuous) to 2 pi (a circle) and the cycle of change.

The mirror is visible light, high power laser is not visible outside the range of spectral reflectance of the mirror

The default is the common behind a thin layer of silver, in front of a glass mirror. The mirror should be said first light.High power  laser penetrate the glass, metal metal absorption energy first arrived, and then quickly release energy, also is the reflection of light. If the metal surface is smooth, then the reflected light is special order, form specular reflection.

high power laser1

In the face of high power laser, even if the metal surface to smooth, instantly absorbed energy is too large, more than the metal can be reflected energy range, electronic metal atoms in the atomic structure completely out, between the metal atoms is destroyed, the metal is “broken”. (well, this beyond the scope of knowledge, but my truth should be about nothing wrong)

high power laser2

In other words, if high power laser casually to be reflected, so the metal surface mirror level how to use laser carving ah what? So, this face similar MW energy concentrated in less than one square centimeter level laser weapons, what the mirror was not so.high power laser3

Vaguely remember silvered mirror in 450nm to 2 micron reflectivity can be greater than 97.5%, 250nm to 450nm in the aluminum mirror reflectivity of 90% dielectric mirrors 800nm can be greater than 99%, but they all have a certain damage threshold, high power  laser to a certain extent is bad, if the dust on the mirror what is more likely to be broken.

In a 200 km radius of the burning laser pointer Ferris wheel, electric vehicle transportation cycle down out of the battery

Need back to the ground. On the burning laser pointer, I know, there are two forms of vision, is a minor, not easy to solve power transmission area, such as unmanned area (desert, Gobi), so there a microwave receiving station is relatively safe, harmless to humans and animals. This energy is not too large; another version is a path to Communism: completely solve the energy problems of mankind.burning laser pointer1

Burning laser pointer to solve large bodies of launch, on orbit assembly attitude control problem, but also solve the problem of large current transmission (HTS), so I suppose to this step, we have made remarkable progress in materials, today that idea is not realistic, that time has been achieved.

burning laser pointer2

For example, light, rigidity and good material, can control the shape and attitude on a large scale, after all, this is the “burning laser pointer” must. For example, large buildings on the ground to consider air disturbance, resulting in angular momentum to control, also led to the need to maintain the shape of space solar panel array; as to consider the radiation and cosmic rays, because light sail huge solar panels equivalent to the efficiency is not too high…

burning laser pointer3

In a 200 km radius of the burning laser pointer Ferris wheel, electric vehicle transportation cycle down out of the battery, charging in low earth orbit. If full Ferris wheel diameter, with a single row of 1865 lithium battery 3.2V, 1000mAh full capacity (new battery 3000mAh, scrap, even with 1/3 capacity), then a turn can transfer 200 thousand kwh!


Therefore, the main direction of the blue laser pointer has high average power, high peak power two routes

Blue laser pointer chemical energy, mature technology, the United States will be equipped with oxygen iodine laser target played on Boeing airplane, maintenance disadvantage is expensive, usually toxic chemical dyes, so the most fire is mainly solid laser weapons, such as slab type, disc type solid laser is to support structure of large power stability output.

blue laser pointer1

Comprehensive high average power, high peak power, high beam quality blue laser pointer is promising, the most worth doing is disc end pumped solid-state laser. The disc, fiber, lath structure is to heat, heat production is always the biggest problem of high power laser pointer2

A parameter blue laser pointer must be considered is the photoelectric conversion efficiency. If the conversion efficiency is too low, the power consumption is too large, vehicle, airborne is not good, this is why the current to achieve the laser weapons targeting most land-based, shipboard, large aircraft equipped with energy, otherwise is a problem.

blue laser pointer3

In addition, in order to output high beam quality, directly using the blue laser pointer output seems not much, but with the laser power, light – light – > > series, more conversion efficiency is lower, and in order to pumped, Ura Hikaruhikaruko energy is greater than the laser output of the photon energy, therefore may be used in nonlinear crystal the wavelength of the frequency doubling efficiency, as can be imagined.

Don’t say bad high power UV laser pens is done, playing in the metal, the metal must be broken.

Like laser pens have high requirements of the device is generally not used. But! Everything has an exception. This is Spring8 FEL, niubable Japanese with high frequency electronic deflection part need not fall, the rest of the nanosecond level length of beam, and then down to the hard compression, also they could have femtosecond level. In light of the cathode, but as a user device, stable and long time to provide high current beam is the most important, so they give up the photocathode.

laser pens2

Because of the hot cathode bunch length is difficult, so after the laser pens invention, soon in electron. Because the length of the laser is easier to achieve fast, so produced by laser beam is short beam, good control.

laser pens3

A metal cathode, in response to UV laser pens, is the goddess of love Nanuo award reference experiment. Long life of metal cathode, emission of live together. Of course is worse. The specific heat cathode 266nm laser. After all, remove the transition energy of the electron temperature did more than 0.4eV.

laser pens1

And the metal cathode efficiency is very low, generally 10000 photons will hit 1 electrons, do well, barely able to 1000 photon is an electron. So when the high current to play silly, don’t say bad high power UV laser pens is done, playing in the metal, the metal must be broken.

A lot of fans to play laser module is simply to take it when you look at the same as the star pen

The safety concerns before the first analysis of the main problems under questioning mind. Many fans to play laser module simply take it when refers to the star pen look like beam, the larger power depends on the spot to burn things. If it is like a serious research work as wear protective glasses with safety lock, it is almost what can not to take yourself and others. This kind of visual health joke behavior is not encouraged.laser module1

Laser module gas not to discuss the answers, the reason is seen too many amateurs only one reason why gas laser is the pursuit of simple, cheap, high power (very few play He-Ne is not), so they will choose CO2 instead of argon ion laser / krypton / excimer because of the lack of… Knowledge, playing around gas laser tens of watts is likely to result in serious security consequences.laser module3

The idea is to 532nm laser module eye recognition is very strong, but the market for high power LD almost all of the 450nm module and the 400~500nm blue light, blue light on human harm is very big, so I want to get a high power 532nm laser module.laser module2

Someone asked, the linear laser module beam is linear, not focusing or collimating, how to do? It is not easy, you can use fiber to bring out the laser. This method is called the fiber coupled laser, a FAP laser and I give you the eye addiction, the middle small box is linear laser, through dozens of brown fiber.

From the center of the highlights of the proliferation of extremely gorgeous green laser, overwhelmed by all

I know that the speed of light is green laser, but the moment you really will feel very slow, like a conical light start slowly, put you up. I was stunned for a moment to jump up, shouting hard squeeze LV!! tears, then opened his eyes, eyes is a shadow, shaking black shadow, each blink in front of the scene like the same ink slowly laser1

Then lay down for a week. Then the brothers support, wearing sunglasses to the 301 Hospital for examination. You check it is a sad thing, run the test, according to the table. Then spent a month, a month to listen to crosstalk. Looked at the ceiling and lonely day the skylight, said to myself: this life to death will not do green laser weapons.

green laser2

Now, two years, green laser still has one eye shadow, is a small black spot, but then the brain will magically dispose of it. The sunny days must go out wearing sunglasses, not wearing sunglasses on the whole eye. So slowly nocturnal, and more and more floaters also have a house. And don’t feel it.

green laser3

We have ten thousand kinds of methods to blindness, but no way. No matter which can cure green laser, just hit the eye, basically only blind or wait. Because there is no self-healing treatment, the doctor will only give you a bunch of check, then some hormones and nutritional medicine. Then look at how do you adjust the attitude.