Laser module can replace the modern data center common fiber optic cable, connected to the air in the infrared signal transmission data

Brenda created a wavelength of 1550 nm wavelength infrared signal – this is the common optical fiber cable with laser module. Then, he had a “WDM processing” of this signal, this signal can be converged to the same different wavelength of laser beam. After that, he through the lens of low cost on the laser transmission.

laser module

In addition, they also play life with the same equipment transmission of television signals. They will be 1 thousand MHz CATV signal input multiplexer; thus, television signals and other data from the same laser module. at the other end, they put a LED TV to watch the received TV channel.

laser module3

Li Xiage believes that laser module can make data center managers more easily re arrangement of server frame. In this case, all servers need cooling can be placed in the same area, rather than scattered. At present, many large Internet Co are the data center energy consumption costs, one of the most important criteria as room location. For example, Google will be “cheap power” primary condition of the location of a data center.laser module2

Of course, it is difficult to evaluate this set of laser module in the end how much energy was saved, and the installation of the laser have enough price is also unknown. Professor Maria spent about $twenty thousand to build a prototype system, but he expects, if big companies are willing to invest, or integrated electronics continue to make a breakthrough, this set of system equipment costs will fall sharply and quickly.