High power laser makes the owners can get better security in sparsely populated areas

As the most common halogen light source, the former was invented by Edison high power laser, but there is a fatal flaw is incandescent lamp, tungsten although electricity is bright, but the brightness will be the melting point of tungsten and tungsten, high temperature volatilization, condensation in the shell, LED light bulb Ukraine, affect the life, obviously the incandescent lamp can not be directly used in the car, so people on the incandescent lamp filled into halogen gas, can effectively improve the tungsten melting point and life.

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The theory is close to the color of the sun light is easy to adapt to the human eye. In addition to higher brightness than halogen lamps, high power laser also let life than formula halogen lamps and energy saving is longer; better, the xenon lamp is only 35W, which is issued by the 55W halogen lamp 3.5 times more light, greatly reduce the vehicle power the system load, the power consumption savings of more than 40%.

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High power laser, is capable of converting electrical energy into visible solid semiconductor devices, which can be directly converted into electricity to light. Now widely used in the market, often as light, light and backlight signs and various electrical characters, often as the car taillights, brake an important component of lights, daytime running lights and really appeared in a car in 2008 Lexus LS models were used for the first time in the LED lamp group as the vehicle headlights, and then opened the LED as the light source headlamp chapter.

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The principle of high power laser can be traced back to the particle level, the light emitting element is laser diode laser headlights, and actually LED light is closely connected with diodes, they have similar advantages, such as fast response, energy saving, small size, long life, low light attenuation. In the energy consumption and the volume is LED a greater advantage.