High power laser is no need to prepare weapons if you can launch it

High power laser is no need to prepare weapons if you can launch it, with today’s technology is inevitable, but once the need to recharge, then from the charge to the launch always has time difference, high energy charge during the reaction and should have a certain radiation or electromagnetic wave leak out, then should be detected, and the warning or escape. In addition, any active type target may be found and evade.

high power laser1

Someone mentioned in the movie high power laser is a section of the line, the reality of the laser weapon is also possible, because as far as possible to improve the instantaneous power, laser pulse modulation into the state, is the most effective way to the United States. Remote laser weapons

high power laser2

First of all, the power of high power laser and related parameters, I have not found on the Internet to, but can determine the power of the laser is more than the scope of the human can bear, after all has learned that this is a “red” laser, visible light laser is inevitable in eye safe wavelength, and can achieve 30 meters of effectiveness.



high power laser3

High power laser did not seem to be required. The laser laser is photon transitions of atomic / molecular release. The excimer laser and the ultraviolet light source, atoms, molecules have been excited into a plasma state, didn’t we generally assume that the “excited state”, is from the outside level transitions to the ground state, said it is also not what laser, error.