Green laser and ozone space research and development and application

Green laser and ozone space research and development and application of laser radar detection system with independent intellectual property rights of fine particles and ozone distributions of rapid on-line monitoring system was successfully developed, breaking a number of key technologies in common, enhancing the innovation capability and core competitiveness of China’s laser radar industry.

green laser2

For real-time monitoring of atmospheric environment capacity and data analysis to provide a reliable technical means.Green laser also integrates a variety of key technologies, developed several sets of prototype, long-term operation and multi round optimization form of laser radar core technology is mature and stable, through technology transfer and production technology developed industry base.

green laser3

The formation of green laser system and the production capacity, improve the production rate of laser radar, cultivate the environmental monitoring competitive analysis instruments and emerging industries, breaking the developed countries on laser radar core technology monopoly, reversing the high-end laser radar equipment rely on imported products.

green laser1

Green laser is known as the power equipment in the heart of the transformer oil is an important medium for normal operation of the transformer, an insulating and cooling effect is equivalent to the heart of blood. The detection of transformer equipment is normal, usually from transformer oil samples and standard oil on the use of the analysis of the different gas content to reach a conclusion.