Green laser after laser irradiation of antihydrogen, precise adjustment of the reaction under the frequency

Green laser and the capture of antimatter is extremely difficult, because they are in contact to ordinary matter will instantly annihilate. But with the special laser pens blue laser pointer, the scientists of the success of the antihydrogen atoms (i.e. hydrogen atoms of antimatter form) burning laser pointer launched a

Green laser describes the basic force between the basic components of the universe and for them. “Laser pens in the birth of the universe disappeared, it has always been a mystery, so we always pay special attention to the anti matter.” blue laser pointer.Burning laser pointer added in the experiment report introduces them to measure the after the antihydrogen laser irradiation under the precise adjustment of the response in frequency.


Green laser led to the abuse of drug resistance spread.Laser pens requires not only the development of new antibiotics, also need to develop drug resistance technology and monitoring system, transmission and delay and containment of resistance. To solve these problems, blue laser pointer is proposed based on the resistance of Raman group “technology.Burning laser pointer based on single cell imaging that does not depend on the breeding of bacteria.


Progress of green laser laser pens application is also expanding, in many fields. It is reported that the future of life science, semiconductor, carbon materials and materials science is the main field of application of Raman technique. Among them, blue laser pointer is the largest application areas, burning laser pointer technology to further promote the updating of bear and upgrades.