Focusing on the theoretical limit of the burning laser pointer is not only a basic condition

The appropriate burning laser pointer and the mirror production has reached a high level of accuracy, but the standard lens made of beryllium, usually near the center is slightly too strongly curved. “Beryllium by molding precision mold lens. The shape error on the process sequence of hundreds of nanometers is almost inevitable.” lead to more light from the focus of scattering, and because the laws of physics are inevitable. More importantly, the light distribution in a large area.

burning laser pointer1

This defect is not relevant in many applications. However, if you want to use burning laser pointer radiation exposure to the small sample, you need to focus on a small area as much as possible. “So in some imaging technology, here you have to image as much as possible to get the details”

burning laser pointer2

In order to optimize the focus, defect scientists first carefully measured portable beryllium X light lens stack. Then they used precision burning laser pointer at the University of Jena, using quartz glass lenses. Then these data customization scientists at the accelerator laboratory using LCLS X ray laser to test these glassesburning laser pointer3

Using the lens correction, can improve the burning laser pointer was concentrated to three times the central spot focusing degree. On the contrary, the FWHM, the parameters of the optical focus in the field of science definition representation, and the correction lens, and not too big change, keep at about 150 nm.