Computer controlled green laser light scanning the surface of photosensitive resin as raw material

Scanning is to produce light polymerization and curing area of green laser light, forming part of a thin layer. The table down a thick layer of distance, so that the cured resin surface and then deposited on a new layer of liquid resin, the scanning process, the next layer is repeated until the entire prototype manufacturing. Since the light polymerization is based on the interaction of light and not based on the action of heat, so the lower power laser source only at laser light1

In addition, because there is no thermal diffusion, the chain reaction and can better control, to ensure that green laser light does not occur at the laser point, so the high processing precision, good surface quality, the utilization rate of raw materials is close to 100%, can make complicated shape, fine parts, high efficiency. For the larger size of the parts. It can be used to block forming and bonding method of production.

green laser light2

In the automobile body manufacturing application green laser light can produce precision casting mold with the required proportion, which cast a certain proportion of the body metal model, the metal model can be used in wind tunnel and collision test, thus completing the final evaluation of the body, to determine whether the design is reasonable.

green laser light3

For the green laser light test of intake pipe inlet pipe is composed of the inner shape of free surface is very complex, it is to improve the efficiency of charging, have very important influence on the combustion process. In the design process, need to do airway test of different air inlet pipe of the scheme, the traditional method is to use the method of manual processing by dozens of section describe the wood or plaster mold. The trachea