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From the center of the highlights of the proliferation of extremely gorgeous green laser, overwhelmed by all

I know that the speed of light is green laser, but the moment you really will feel very slow, like a conical light start slowly, put you up. I was stunned for a moment to jump up, shouting hard squeeze LV!! tears, then opened his eyes, eyes is a shadow, shaking black shadow, each blink in front of the scene like the same ink slowly laser1

Then lay down for a week. Then the brothers support, wearing sunglasses to the 301 Hospital for examination. You check it is a sad thing, run the test, according to the table. Then spent a month, a month to listen to crosstalk. Looked at the ceiling and lonely day the skylight, said to myself: this life to death will not do green laser weapons.

green laser2

Now, two years, green laser still has one eye shadow, is a small black spot, but then the brain will magically dispose of it. The sunny days must go out wearing sunglasses, not wearing sunglasses on the whole eye. So slowly nocturnal, and more and more floaters also have a house. And don’t feel it.

green laser3

We have ten thousand kinds of methods to blindness, but no way. No matter which can cure green laser, just hit the eye, basically only blind or wait. Because there is no self-healing treatment, the doctor will only give you a bunch of check, then some hormones and nutritional medicine. Then look at how do you adjust the attitude.