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Laser module is the most favored choice is mainly based on their experience early

At the same time, to optimize the steel and aluminum by pre cut laser module consumption, thereby reducing the cost. However, the most important advantage of tailor welded plate according to local specific requirements for components selection of high strength steel or metal plates with different thickness, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Due to weight loss and reduce the consumption of materials complement each other. The vehicle safety and efficiency also improved.

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When the production of TWBs, laser module laser welding mainly used butt weld, which can achieve optimal power transfer and forming characteristics of the ideal. Therefore, the use of laser diode is required in this process, the solid laser or CO2 laser.laser module3

Select a new type of laser module is the first step of renewal and development. In the solid state laser, diode pumped thin disk laser and fiber laser are also considered that the two kinds of laser welding in the field of application has been approved, and has the efficiency of 30%.

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First of all, laser module is the most favored choice is mainly based on their experience early. But then decided not to use fiber laser has been tested, but in favor of the fiber coupled diode laser.

Laser module from the face of the pox and India pock is feasible? Laser removal treatment means more effective at present.

But the high speed laser module after irradiation, can make the most of the energy and electron lost back to launch a large energy photon and photon Compton scattering, look in the energy transfer to the electronic just in turn, so called inverse Compton scattering. Thus the distribution function of hard photon has increased greatly, can realize the photon scattering process high energy.laser module1

Treatment of active acne preferred laser module, it is the use of strict control of the strong pulsed high energy scavenging Propionibacterium acne skin, eliminate the red dilation of blood vessels, control of skin inflammation, inhibit the secretion of inflammatory factors; at the same time, directly kill some sebaceous cells, inhibit sebum secretion.laser module2

Laser module in the treatment of proliferative phase effect is significant, lasting, and will not cause any complications. Some cases may choose to get rid of red effect better vascular treatment laser.laser module3

Laser module has always been grinding is an effective therapy for acne scar, but because of its side effects, especially the high pigment in darker skin pigmentation in rate, its application is very limited. The new technology of laser treatment of skin scar, can effectively avoid the traditional laser postoperative erythema, pigmentation and other side effects.

A lot of fans to play laser module is simply to take it when you look at the same as the star pen

The safety concerns before the first analysis of the main problems under questioning mind. Many fans to play laser module simply take it when refers to the star pen look like beam, the larger power depends on the spot to burn things. If it is like a serious research work as wear protective glasses with safety lock, it is almost what can not to take yourself and others. This kind of visual health joke behavior is not encouraged.laser module1

Laser module gas not to discuss the answers, the reason is seen too many amateurs only one reason why gas laser is the pursuit of simple, cheap, high power (very few play He-Ne is not), so they will choose CO2 instead of argon ion laser / krypton / excimer because of the lack of… Knowledge, playing around gas laser tens of watts is likely to result in serious security consequences.laser module3

The idea is to 532nm laser module eye recognition is very strong, but the market for high power LD almost all of the 450nm module and the 400~500nm blue light, blue light on human harm is very big, so I want to get a high power 532nm laser module.laser module2

Someone asked, the linear laser module beam is linear, not focusing or collimating, how to do? It is not easy, you can use fiber to bring out the laser. This method is called the fiber coupled laser, a FAP laser and I give you the eye addiction, the middle small box is linear laser, through dozens of brown fiber.

High energy electron beam produced by conventional free electron laser module based on RF accelerator

Both the RF electronic accelerator or composed of periodic magnet electron undulator is bulky, costly. The development of miniaturization, low cost of a new generation of free electron laser module, including electronic accelerator and undulator desktop of the scientific community has been a major goal of chasing the dream.laser module1

Using a beam of ultrashort laser module irradiation wire target by laser plasma interaction of high-energy electron emission oriented, based on the charge separation instantly generate a strong radial transient electric field on the metal wire; the electric wire guided along the direction of the spiral movement a large number of high-energy electron emission near along the wire transmission and periodic equivalent electron beam in a micro undulator in spiral motion.

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UV pulse generation is generally produced by the nonlinear process, such as the two harmonic generation or sum frequency generation, the new laser module by superimposing the sum of basic pulse photon energy which has higher energy and has a new color formation. However, the efficiency of these processes is very low.laser module3

When our car was laser module enemy sight targeting, sensor can sense the laser beam irradiation and to determine the laser wavelength and direction of the light source. The need to note that the alarm in the vehicle received laser aiming laser beam irradiation starts to work.

Laser module can replace the modern data center common fiber optic cable, connected to the air in the infrared signal transmission data

Brenda created a wavelength of 1550 nm wavelength infrared signal – this is the common optical fiber cable with laser module. Then, he had a “WDM processing” of this signal, this signal can be converged to the same different wavelength of laser beam. After that, he through the lens of low cost on the laser transmission.

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In addition, they also play life with the same equipment transmission of television signals. They will be 1 thousand MHz CATV signal input multiplexer; thus, television signals and other data from the same laser module. at the other end, they put a LED TV to watch the received TV channel.

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Li Xiage believes that laser module can make data center managers more easily re arrangement of server frame. In this case, all servers need cooling can be placed in the same area, rather than scattered. At present, many large Internet Co are the data center energy consumption costs, one of the most important criteria as room location. For example, Google will be “cheap power” primary condition of the location of a data center.laser module2

Of course, it is difficult to evaluate this set of laser module in the end how much energy was saved, and the installation of the laser have enough price is also unknown. Professor Maria spent about $twenty thousand to build a prototype system, but he expects, if big companies are willing to invest, or integrated electronics continue to make a breakthrough, this set of system equipment costs will fall sharply and quickly.