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Although burning laser pointer has been based on the construction

Although burning laser pointer has been based on the construction of various infrastructure found useless, but it still exists some problems. One problem is that the scope of monitoring is limited. Recent analysis shows that the power probe span up to several kilometers to may cause the pump pulse signal distortion, seriously affect the accurate detection.

burning laser pointer3

Another problem is the limited burning laser pointer. because the interaction depends on the nonlinear optical and material to produce sound waves, so the spatial resolution of a small but very obvious. There are delays in the time domain technique in frequency and other technical related domain can make up for the shortcomings of SBS, but it needs longer time, measured along the one million point fiber distribution takes about an hour or longer.burning laser pointer2

Most of the time domain based on burning laser pointer scheme, the frequency shift is by symmetrically scanning two sideband beam pumping pulse frequency offset relative to the fixed transport determined. However, in fact, the scanning method is main source of high power probe pulse distortion. This is because the two sideband probe and the pump energy between pulses is difficult to quantify the asymmetric transfer effect increased with the increase of probe power.

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By changing the burning laser pointer, the band edge detection beam fixed frequency difference, and associated with frequency of the input pump beam scanning, which can significantly reduce the signal distortion. This method means that the beam power limit becomes higher, and the optical fiber sensing system the span becomes longer.

The heat input burning laser pointer welding is higher than the pulse laser spot welding, so the deformation will be large than the pulse laser spot welding

By Aluminum Alloy welding strength is far below the strength of the material itself, and the strength difference between the various welding products are also great, poor stability. And the burning laser pointer Aluminum Alloy continuous welding welding can avoid welding cracks, improve the weld strength and stability.burning laser pointer2

Burning laser pointer pulse laser welding and welding with a tensile Aluminum Alloy products were compared. By calculation, the average tension of fiber laser is 3.9 times the pulse laser, and the standard deviation of the data only pull pulse laser 1/3.burning laser pointer3

The burning laser pointer seam tension is much higher than that of pulse laser spot welding, this space is provided to improve welding efficiency, by reducing the number and length of the weld seam, in welding under the condition of higher efficiency, and achieve the same pulse laser spot welding even higher welding tension.burning laser pointer1

In the actual operation process, by optimizing welding parameters, weld number, length and position of welding, burning laser pointer piecewise continuous seam welding process can completely replace the original pulse laser spot welding process.

In a 200 km radius of the burning laser pointer Ferris wheel, electric vehicle transportation cycle down out of the battery

Need back to the ground. On the burning laser pointer, I know, there are two forms of vision, is a minor, not easy to solve power transmission area, such as unmanned area (desert, Gobi), so there a microwave receiving station is relatively safe, harmless to humans and animals. This energy is not too large; another version is a path to Communism: completely solve the energy problems of mankind.burning laser pointer1

Burning laser pointer to solve large bodies of launch, on orbit assembly attitude control problem, but also solve the problem of large current transmission (HTS), so I suppose to this step, we have made remarkable progress in materials, today that idea is not realistic, that time has been achieved.

burning laser pointer2

For example, light, rigidity and good material, can control the shape and attitude on a large scale, after all, this is the “burning laser pointer” must. For example, large buildings on the ground to consider air disturbance, resulting in angular momentum to control, also led to the need to maintain the shape of space solar panel array; as to consider the radiation and cosmic rays, because light sail huge solar panels equivalent to the efficiency is not too high…

burning laser pointer3

In a 200 km radius of the burning laser pointer Ferris wheel, electric vehicle transportation cycle down out of the battery, charging in low earth orbit. If full Ferris wheel diameter, with a single row of 1865 lithium battery 3.2V, 1000mAh full capacity (new battery 3000mAh, scrap, even with 1/3 capacity), then a turn can transfer 200 thousand kwh!


Focusing on the theoretical limit of the burning laser pointer is not only a basic condition

The appropriate burning laser pointer and the mirror production has reached a high level of accuracy, but the standard lens made of beryllium, usually near the center is slightly too strongly curved. “Beryllium by molding precision mold lens. The shape error on the process sequence of hundreds of nanometers is almost inevitable.” lead to more light from the focus of scattering, and because the laws of physics are inevitable. More importantly, the light distribution in a large area.

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This defect is not relevant in many applications. However, if you want to use burning laser pointer radiation exposure to the small sample, you need to focus on a small area as much as possible. “So in some imaging technology, here you have to image as much as possible to get the details”

burning laser pointer2

In order to optimize the focus, defect scientists first carefully measured portable beryllium X light lens stack. Then they used precision burning laser pointer at the University of Jena, using quartz glass lenses. Then these data customization scientists at the accelerator laboratory using LCLS X ray laser to test these glassesburning laser pointer3

Using the lens correction, can improve the burning laser pointer was concentrated to three times the central spot focusing degree. On the contrary, the FWHM, the parameters of the optical focus in the field of science definition representation, and the correction lens, and not too big change, keep at about 150 nm.

Burning laser pointer from the inner to the outer level jump level, when the electronic level back from the outer inner level, the energy released as light type

We have introduced the principle of burning laser pointer: plus electronic excitation energy from the valence band to the conduction band semiconductor jump when the electronic conduction band to the valence band, the energy in the light, will be released. A type of laser stimulated radiation is the most basic condition, the excitation energy in two ways, regardless of the use of the methods can produce laser light is applied to electronic light jump; electroluminescence is power electronic applied will jump, in more detail later.

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A pair of burning laser pointer applied to the light emitting region, the resonant cavity can actually use a mirror, as shown in Figure three, the beam is reflected back and forth between about two mirrors, constantly through the light emitting region absorb light energy and finally have a resonance effect, so that the light energy amplification.

burning laser pointer2

Burning laser pointer we use titanium sapphire laser as an example, first in sapphire doped titanium atoms are titanium sapphire crystal, placed many high brightness light source in the crystal (around the issue of a certain wavelength light irradiation) to crystal, when the crystals absorb light energy, it will send out another wavelength (color) light.

burning laser pointer3

Burning laser pointer light through about two mirror reflected back and forth, because the reflector design right can penetrate into the 5% light, so will the right by the high energy laser transmitting light emitted by. About two crystal reflecting mirror reflected back and forth, because the mirror design right can penetrate 5% light, so the laser beam will be high energy by right through injection.