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Different from the science fiction movie scene, the laser beam generated by green laser light

Different from the science fiction movie scene, the laser beam generated by  green laser light, you can only see the target was hit after the injury, but did not see the actual beam. It is the “invisible killer”, it is possible to change the future war thinking, to win the war have a decisive impact.


Killing with Kindness, from.2000 to China years of Taoism, mankind has been the dream of the weak green laser light put the enemy into a sword. In 214 BC, the ancient Rome fleet besieged the ancient Greek Sura City, of vital importance occasion, Archimedes used the principle of focusing lens energy convergence, the ancient Rome fleet sailing burned.


With the in-depth study of the proposed optical stimulated radiation theory. After the Soviet Union and the United States the unremitting efforts of scientists, in 1960, the first ruby green laser light in American physicist Theodore Maiman’s laboratory was born. The advent of this product, makes use of the laser beam along a certain direction to attack possible.


Because green laser light has high energy monochromaticity, coherence characteristics and good direction, soon to be a weapons manufacturer, is used in various weapon systems, and has proven its value in.20 century 70s in various wars, laser guided bombs are used to guide the United States, “gem road” series the laser guided bomb in Vietnam clap.

Although burning laser pointer has been based on the construction

Although burning laser pointer has been based on the construction of various infrastructure found useless, but it still exists some problems. One problem is that the scope of monitoring is limited. Recent analysis shows that the power probe span up to several kilometers to may cause the pump pulse signal distortion, seriously affect the accurate detection.

burning laser pointer3

Another problem is the limited burning laser pointer. because the interaction depends on the nonlinear optical and material to produce sound waves, so the spatial resolution of a small but very obvious. There are delays in the time domain technique in frequency and other technical related domain can make up for the shortcomings of SBS, but it needs longer time, measured along the one million point fiber distribution takes about an hour or longer.burning laser pointer2

Most of the time domain based on burning laser pointer scheme, the frequency shift is by symmetrically scanning two sideband beam pumping pulse frequency offset relative to the fixed transport determined. However, in fact, the scanning method is main source of high power probe pulse distortion. This is because the two sideband probe and the pump energy between pulses is difficult to quantify the asymmetric transfer effect increased with the increase of probe power.

burning laser pointer1

By changing the burning laser pointer, the band edge detection beam fixed frequency difference, and associated with frequency of the input pump beam scanning, which can significantly reduce the signal distortion. This method means that the beam power limit becomes higher, and the optical fiber sensing system the span becomes longer.

When blue laser pointer is visible, people are very excited and screamed

Blue laser pointer arm is 12 meters long, is more accurate than the previous ring laser, with 1/1000000000 of the earth’s rotation sensing precision. Its design is not just a square ring, but the 4 triangular ring. 3 of them were used to constraint in any direction of rotation, can increase the throughput of fourth rings rate. Construction work began in March 2016, and completed in 6 months.

blue laser pointer2

When blue laser pointer is visible, people are very excited and screamed. “The team is on the laser interference to measure the effect. They will report a meeting recently held in the European Geophysical Science Association for the first time on the measurement results.

blue laser pointer3

Blue laser pointer is not the same as fixed people imagine, but every day for a change or MS cm level. Both the sun and the moon in the gravitational pull of earth, and continental drift, changes in ocean currents and ice age glaciers degradation change around quality caused by crustal rebound, inertial motion will change the earth, so as to change it is rotated.

blue laser pointer1

Blue laser pointer using radio dish on the earth at a distance are observed in the distant universe, quasars from time to time flashing bright “Lighthouse”. When the parabolic antenna is widely distributed through the calculation will be recorded to a brightness change, geodesist can calculate the rotation rate of the earth’s axis and coordinate.

Two polarization perpendicular laser pens optical fiber polarization beam combiner for a beam of light

Therefore, it is very important that how to efficiently synthesize the sub beam of a multi beam communication signal to a bunch of laser pens. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a coherent polarization synthesis technique based on optical fiber devices.laser pens1

Two polarization perpendicular laser pens optical fiber polarization beam combiner for a beam of light, due to changes in the input beam phase difference, beam synthesis of arbitrary polarization. In order to control the synthesis of beam is linearly polarized, to proceed to the next level synthesis or for demodulation of communication signals, the group phase were put forward. Control and polarization control of two methods, and the theoretical analysis and experimental verification.

laser pens2

The use of laser pens cooling technology, molecular cooling for the first time three atoms to near absolute zero (-273.15 C), this is the largest molecular technology so far cooling. Scientists believe that this miracle is expected for the manufacture of molecular quantum computer, but also could become a chemist’s good helper.laser pens3

Laser pens cooling technology has been used to cool a variety of single atomic physicists, but its molecular cooling difficult. In cooling by laser, laser energy and cooling system of the match, the more atoms and molecules contained in the atomic vibration and rotation, more complex, more difficult, the difficulty is cooling the greater.

Laser module is the most favored choice is mainly based on their experience early

At the same time, to optimize the steel and aluminum by pre cut laser module consumption, thereby reducing the cost. However, the most important advantage of tailor welded plate according to local specific requirements for components selection of high strength steel or metal plates with different thickness, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Due to weight loss and reduce the consumption of materials complement each other. The vehicle safety and efficiency also improved.

laser module1

When the production of TWBs, laser module laser welding mainly used butt weld, which can achieve optimal power transfer and forming characteristics of the ideal. Therefore, the use of laser diode is required in this process, the solid laser or CO2 laser.laser module3

Select a new type of laser module is the first step of renewal and development. In the solid state laser, diode pumped thin disk laser and fiber laser are also considered that the two kinds of laser welding in the field of application has been approved, and has the efficiency of 30%.

laser module2

First of all, laser module is the most favored choice is mainly based on their experience early. But then decided not to use fiber laser has been tested, but in favor of the fiber coupled diode laser.

Green laser and ozone space research and development and application

Green laser and ozone space research and development and application of laser radar detection system with independent intellectual property rights of fine particles and ozone distributions of rapid on-line monitoring system was successfully developed, breaking a number of key technologies in common, enhancing the innovation capability and core competitiveness of China’s laser radar industry.

green laser2

For real-time monitoring of atmospheric environment capacity and data analysis to provide a reliable technical means.Green laser also integrates a variety of key technologies, developed several sets of prototype, long-term operation and multi round optimization form of laser radar core technology is mature and stable, through technology transfer and production technology developed industry base.

green laser3

The formation of green laser system and the production capacity, improve the production rate of laser radar, cultivate the environmental monitoring competitive analysis instruments and emerging industries, breaking the developed countries on laser radar core technology monopoly, reversing the high-end laser radar equipment rely on imported products.

green laser1

Green laser is known as the power equipment in the heart of the transformer oil is an important medium for normal operation of the transformer, an insulating and cooling effect is equivalent to the heart of blood. The detection of transformer equipment is normal, usually from transformer oil samples and standard oil on the use of the analysis of the different gas content to reach a conclusion.

There is also a can not ignore the phenomenon, it is called the green laser light

When an electron is in the excited state, it will behave like a bunch of waves. When two states from the waves interfere with each other, it will leave the so-called “fingerprint” in the femtosecond level. The real quantum effect will be regarded as a new, controllable oscillator the frequency and direction. And the key lies in the level of green laser light, femtosecond fast enough, can enter in the electronic excited state space to intercept it, let it be used to stack, to achieve more operations.

green laser light1

We know that the green laser light by different materials of several superimposed layers, they are orderly stacked together as electronic components. These components are very small, small enough to only use the microscope to see them. In the square grid acts as a switch, control calculation for electronic components. The distance is calculated by nano the distance between each other, so they are more small, a chip can be placed in the more laser light3

After why the process becomes more and more small, the performance can not only become more powerful, energy consumption will become low? Green laser light distance will make the current capacity of the transistor terminal is reduced, enhance the exchange frequency. When the electronic signal switching transistor, its energy consumption and the current capacity is directly related to energy consumption so naturally laser light2

There is also a can not ignore the phenomenon, it is called the green laser light. when the chip process is less than a certain degree, it will no longer be semiconductor electronic bound, the latter suddenly started smoothly. We need to control the electronic, in order to achieve open and close, which is 0 and 1 can not be achieved if the “0” so, the modern computer mentain system will cease to exist.

High power laser is no need to prepare weapons if you can launch it

High power laser is no need to prepare weapons if you can launch it, with today’s technology is inevitable, but once the need to recharge, then from the charge to the launch always has time difference, high energy charge during the reaction and should have a certain radiation or electromagnetic wave leak out, then should be detected, and the warning or escape. In addition, any active type target may be found and evade.

high power laser1

Someone mentioned in the movie high power laser is a section of the line, the reality of the laser weapon is also possible, because as far as possible to improve the instantaneous power, laser pulse modulation into the state, is the most effective way to the United States. Remote laser weapons

high power laser2

First of all, the power of high power laser and related parameters, I have not found on the Internet to, but can determine the power of the laser is more than the scope of the human can bear, after all has learned that this is a “red” laser, visible light laser is inevitable in eye safe wavelength, and can achieve 30 meters of effectiveness.



high power laser3

High power laser did not seem to be required. The laser laser is photon transitions of atomic / molecular release. The excimer laser and the ultraviolet light source, atoms, molecules have been excited into a plasma state, didn’t we generally assume that the “excited state”, is from the outside level transitions to the ground state, said it is also not what laser, error.

The heat input burning laser pointer welding is higher than the pulse laser spot welding, so the deformation will be large than the pulse laser spot welding

By Aluminum Alloy welding strength is far below the strength of the material itself, and the strength difference between the various welding products are also great, poor stability. And the burning laser pointer Aluminum Alloy continuous welding welding can avoid welding cracks, improve the weld strength and stability.burning laser pointer2

Burning laser pointer pulse laser welding and welding with a tensile Aluminum Alloy products were compared. By calculation, the average tension of fiber laser is 3.9 times the pulse laser, and the standard deviation of the data only pull pulse laser 1/3.burning laser pointer3

The burning laser pointer seam tension is much higher than that of pulse laser spot welding, this space is provided to improve welding efficiency, by reducing the number and length of the weld seam, in welding under the condition of higher efficiency, and achieve the same pulse laser spot welding even higher welding tension.burning laser pointer1

In the actual operation process, by optimizing welding parameters, weld number, length and position of welding, burning laser pointer piecewise continuous seam welding process can completely replace the original pulse laser spot welding process.

The focus of information a few kilowatts of continuous blue laser pointer

The focus of information a few kilowatts of continuous blue laser pointer, you can see the distribution of light beam in the focal region and intensity corresponding to a beam cross section distribution is very intuitive, can be seen in the center of the beam intensity is low, the intensity distribution of the ring, is probably the TEM01 mode, the light beam M2 is about 2.24. General quality, but high energy CO2 laser basically is just like laser pointer1

Blue laser pointer for relatively thin materials, the impact is not big, but for thick material, determine the effect of material relative to the focus position of processing is very important, the focus position is different, and the effect of energy materials received when processing is completely different.

blue laser pointer2

Red is blue laser pointer, sampling a plane high speed rotating probe, and the sampling light to the detector through the internal optical path, to determine the sampling energy, and record the probe position and angle when Saowan the corresponding area, through the computer will correspond to the data synthesis and the light intensity distribution information corresponding to the cross section of the completion of a set of laser pointer3

Simultaneous measurement of mobile control and blue laser pointer. High precision positioning and fixing device is relatively easy, has reached nm or even nm level positioning, but repeated positioning device of high speed will be affected by various factors, the completion of a complete test requires thousands of synchronization of motor stability demand is very high, if stuck, the equipment basically scrapped.