A lot of fans to play laser module is simply to take it when you look at the same as the star pen

The safety concerns before the first analysis of the main problems under questioning mind. Many fans to play laser module simply take it when refers to the star pen look like beam, the larger power depends on the spot to burn things. If it is like a serious research work as wear protective glasses with safety lock, it is almost what can not to take yourself and others. This kind of visual health joke behavior is not encouraged.laser module1

Laser module gas not to discuss the answers, the reason is seen too many amateurs only one reason why gas laser is the pursuit of simple, cheap, high power (very few play He-Ne is not), so they will choose CO2 instead of argon ion laser / krypton / excimer because of the lack of… Knowledge, playing around gas laser tens of watts is likely to result in serious security consequences.laser module3

The idea is to 532nm laser module eye recognition is very strong, but the market for high power LD almost all of the 450nm module and the 400~500nm blue light, blue light on human harm is very big, so I want to get a high power 532nm laser module.laser module2

Someone asked, the linear laser module beam is linear, not focusing or collimating, how to do? It is not easy, you can use fiber to bring out the laser. This method is called the fiber coupled laser, a FAP laser and I give you the eye addiction, the middle small box is linear laser, through dozens of brown fiber.