There is also a can not ignore the phenomenon, it is called the green laser light

When an electron is in the excited state, it will behave like a bunch of waves. When two states from the waves interfere with each other, it will leave the so-called “fingerprint” in the femtosecond level. The real quantum effect will be regarded as a new, controllable oscillator the frequency and direction. And the key lies in the level of green laser light, femtosecond fast enough, can enter in the electronic excited state space to intercept it, let it be used to stack, to achieve more operations.

green laser light1

We know that the green laser light by different materials of several superimposed layers, they are orderly stacked together as electronic components. These components are very small, small enough to only use the microscope to see them. In the square grid acts as a switch, control calculation for electronic components. The distance is calculated by nano the distance between each other, so they are more small, a chip can be placed in the more laser light3

After why the process becomes more and more small, the performance can not only become more powerful, energy consumption will become low? Green laser light distance will make the current capacity of the transistor terminal is reduced, enhance the exchange frequency. When the electronic signal switching transistor, its energy consumption and the current capacity is directly related to energy consumption so naturally laser light2

There is also a can not ignore the phenomenon, it is called the green laser light. when the chip process is less than a certain degree, it will no longer be semiconductor electronic bound, the latter suddenly started smoothly. We need to control the electronic, in order to achieve open and close, which is 0 and 1 can not be achieved if the “0” so, the modern computer mentain system will cease to exist.