The focus of information a few kilowatts of continuous blue laser pointer

The focus of information a few kilowatts of continuous blue laser pointer, you can see the distribution of light beam in the focal region and intensity corresponding to a beam cross section distribution is very intuitive, can be seen in the center of the beam intensity is low, the intensity distribution of the ring, is probably the TEM01 mode, the light beam M2 is about 2.24. General quality, but high energy CO2 laser basically is just like laser pointer1

Blue laser pointer for relatively thin materials, the impact is not big, but for thick material, determine the effect of material relative to the focus position of processing is very important, the focus position is different, and the effect of energy materials received when processing is completely different.

blue laser pointer2

Red is blue laser pointer, sampling a plane high speed rotating probe, and the sampling light to the detector through the internal optical path, to determine the sampling energy, and record the probe position and angle when Saowan the corresponding area, through the computer will correspond to the data synthesis and the light intensity distribution information corresponding to the cross section of the completion of a set of laser pointer3

Simultaneous measurement of mobile control and blue laser pointer. High precision positioning and fixing device is relatively easy, has reached nm or even nm level positioning, but repeated positioning device of high speed will be affected by various factors, the completion of a complete test requires thousands of synchronization of motor stability demand is very high, if stuck, the equipment basically scrapped.