Different from the science fiction movie scene, the laser beam generated by green laser light

Different from the science fiction movie scene, the laser beam generated by  green laser light, you can only see the target was hit after the injury, but did not see the actual beam. It is the “invisible killer”, it is possible to change the future war thinking, to win the war have a decisive impact.


Killing with Kindness, from.2000 to China years of Taoism, mankind has been the dream of the weak green laser light put the enemy into a sword. In 214 BC, the ancient Rome fleet besieged the ancient Greek Sura City, of vital importance occasion, Archimedes used the principle of focusing lens energy convergence, the ancient Rome fleet sailing burned.


With the in-depth study of the proposed optical stimulated radiation theory. After the Soviet Union and the United States the unremitting efforts of scientists, in 1960, the first ruby green laser light in American physicist Theodore Maiman’s laboratory was born. The advent of this product, makes use of the laser beam along a certain direction to attack possible.


Because green laser light has high energy monochromaticity, coherence characteristics and good direction, soon to be a weapons manufacturer, is used in various weapon systems, and has proven its value in.20 century 70s in various wars, laser guided bombs are used to guide the United States, “gem road” series the laser guided bomb in Vietnam clap.

Although burning laser pointer has been based on the construction

Although burning laser pointer has been based on the construction of various infrastructure found useless, but it still exists some problems. One problem is that the scope of monitoring is limited. Recent analysis shows that the power probe span up to several kilometers to may cause the pump pulse signal distortion, seriously affect the accurate detection.

burning laser pointer3

Another problem is the limited burning laser pointer. because the interaction depends on the nonlinear optical and material to produce sound waves, so the spatial resolution of a small but very obvious. There are delays in the time domain technique in frequency and other technical related domain can make up for the shortcomings of SBS, but it needs longer time, measured along the one million point fiber distribution takes about an hour or longer.burning laser pointer2

Most of the time domain based on burning laser pointer scheme, the frequency shift is by symmetrically scanning two sideband beam pumping pulse frequency offset relative to the fixed transport determined. However, in fact, the scanning method is main source of high power probe pulse distortion. This is because the two sideband probe and the pump energy between pulses is difficult to quantify the asymmetric transfer effect increased with the increase of probe power.

burning laser pointer1

By changing the burning laser pointer, the band edge detection beam fixed frequency difference, and associated with frequency of the input pump beam scanning, which can significantly reduce the signal distortion. This method means that the beam power limit becomes higher, and the optical fiber sensing system the span becomes longer.

When blue laser pointer is visible, people are very excited and screamed

Blue laser pointer arm is 12 meters long, is more accurate than the previous ring laser, with 1/1000000000 of the earth’s rotation sensing precision. Its design is not just a square ring, but the 4 triangular ring. 3 of them were used to constraint in any direction of rotation, can increase the throughput of fourth rings rate. Construction work began in March 2016, and completed in 6 months.

blue laser pointer2

When blue laser pointer is visible, people are very excited and screamed. “The team is on the laser interference to measure the effect. They will report a meeting recently held in the European Geophysical Science Association for the first time on the measurement results.

blue laser pointer3

Blue laser pointer is not the same as fixed people imagine, but every day for a change or MS cm level. Both the sun and the moon in the gravitational pull of earth, and continental drift, changes in ocean currents and ice age glaciers degradation change around quality caused by crustal rebound, inertial motion will change the earth, so as to change it is rotated.

blue laser pointer1

Blue laser pointer using radio dish on the earth at a distance are observed in the distant universe, quasars from time to time flashing bright “Lighthouse”. When the parabolic antenna is widely distributed through the calculation will be recorded to a brightness change, geodesist can calculate the rotation rate of the earth’s axis and coordinate.